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Wikimp3 information about the music of Illdisposed. On our website we have 18 albums and 7 collections of artist Illdisposed. You can find useful information and download songs of this artist. We also know that Illdisposed represents Rock genres.



One of Denmark's most respected and longest lasting death metal bands, Illdisposed were formed in the town of Ã…rhus in 1991, and managed to secure a record deal on the strength of their very first demo, entitled The Winter of Our Discontempt. Led by unusually named vocalist Bo Summer (especially unusual for a death metal band!) and guitarist Lasse Bak, the group was rarely able to maintain a regular lineup for very long, but nevertheless recorded a string of albums, including 1993's Four Depressive Seasons 1994's Return from Tomorrow EP, 1995's Submit, 1997's There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark, and 2000's Retro covers set. In 2001, Bo Summer began splitting his time between Illdisposed and competing Danish death metal favorites Panzerchrist, but that hasn't stopped him from reconvening his original band for subsequent albums like that same year's Kokaiinum, 2004's 1-800 Vindication, and 2006's industrial-leaning Burn Me Wicked.

Title: Helvede

Artist: Illdisposed

Genre: Rock


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