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Supremes (2000 Box Set)


Download links and information about Supremes (2000 Box Set) by Supremes. This album was released in 2000 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Disco, Pop, Teen Pop genres. It contains 89 tracks with total duration of 04:31:30 minutes.

Artist: Supremes
Release date: 2000
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Disco, Pop, Teen Pop
Tracks: 89
Duration: 04:31:30
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No. Title Length
1. Tears of Sorrow (Single Edit) [Mono] (featuring The Primettes) 2:35
2. Pretty Baby (Single Version) [Mono] (featuring The Primettes) 2:01
3. After All (2000 Box Set Version) 2:45
4. The Boy That Got Away (2000 Box Set Version) 2:51
5. I Want a Guy (Single Version) [Mono] 3:34
6. Buttered Popcorn (2000 Box Set Version) 2:43
7. Your Heart Belongs to Me (Single Version) [Mono] 2:38
8. Let Me Go the Right Way (2000 Box Set Version) 3:30
9. My Heart Can't Take It No More (Single Version) [Mono] 2:58
10. A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night Love Making, Next Day Breaking Guy (Single Version) [Mono] 2:26
11. Run, Run, Run (Single Version) [Mono] 2:21
12. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (Single Version) [Mono] 3:06
13. Where Did Our Love Go (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] 2:31
14. Baby Love (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] 2:37
15. Ask Any Girl (Mono) 2:46
16. Come See About Me (Stereo) 2:40
17. Ooowee Baby (2000 Box Set Version) 2:59
18. Shake (2000 Box Set Version) 2:41
19. Stop! In the Name of Love (2000 Box Set Version) 3:24
20. Back in My Arms Again (Single Version) [Stereo] 2:56
21. It's All Your Fault (2000 Box Set Version) 2:39
22. Nothing But Heartaches (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] 2:59
23. Take Me Where You Go (2000 Box Set Version) 2:55
24. People (2000 Box Set Version) 4:54
25. I Hear a Symphony (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] 2:40
26. My World Is Empty Without You (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] 2:35
27. Everything Is Good About You (2000 Box Set Version) [Stereo] 3:44
28. Any Girl In Love (Knows What I'm Going Through) 2:57
29. Surfer Boy (2000 Box Set Version) 2:30
30. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (2000 Box Set Version) 2:23
31. Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart (Stereo) 2:57
32. You Can't Hurry Love (Stereo) 2:47
33. Mother Dear (2000 Box Set Version) 2:21
34. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Stereo) 2:43
35. Going Down for the Third Time (Single Mono) 2:34
36. Love Is Here and Now You're Gone (2000 Box Set Version) 2:49
37. There's No Stopping Us Now (Single Mono) 3:04
38. Come on and See Me (2000 Box Set Version) 2:12
39. My Guy (2000 Box Set Version) 2:38
40. Falling in Love With Love 2:30
41. The Happening (2000 Box Set Version) 2:50
42. All I Know About You (2000 Box Set Version) [Stereo] 2:10
43. When You Wish upon a Star (2000 Box Set Version) 3:13
44. Somewhere (Live) [2000 Box Set Version] 4:29
45. Group Introduction (Spoken Words) [Live] [2000 Box Set Version] 2:39
46. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Live) [2000 Box Set Version] 5:17
47. Reflections (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:53
48. In and Out of Love (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] (featuring Diana Ross) 2:42
49. Heaven Must Have Sent You (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross) 3:22
50. Forever Came Today (Single Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 3:15
51. Some Things You Never Get Used To (Single Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:26
52. The Beginning of the End of Love (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:53
53. Love Child (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:58
54. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:48
55. Does Your Mama Know About Me (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:53
56. He's My Sunny Boy (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:22
57. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross, The Temptations) 3:09
58. I'll Try Something New (Stereo) (featuring Diana Ross, The Temptations) 2:23
59. T.C.B. (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross, The Temptations) 2:55
60. I'm Livin' in Shame (Juke Box) [Single Version] [Stereo] (featuring Diana Ross) 3:01
61. The Composer (Single Mono) (featuring Diana Ross) 3:01
62. Are You Sure Love Is the Name of this Game (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:39
63. No Matter What Sign You Are (It's Happening Version) (featuring Diana Ross) 2:54
64. The Young Folks (Single Mono) (featuring Diana Ross) 3:16
65. Stormy (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross) 3:05
66. Can't Take My Eyes off You (2000 Box Set Version) (featuring Diana Ross, Mary Wilson) 3:15
67. The Weight (Single Version) [Stereo] (featuring Diana Ross, The Temptations) 3:04
68. The Beginning of the End (Single Version) [Stereo] (featuring Diana Ross) 2:31
69. Someday We'll Be Together (Single Version) [Stereo] (featuring Diana Ross) 3:32
70. Up the Ladder to the Roof (Single Version) [Mono] 3:18
71. Bill, When Are You Coming Back (Single Version) [Mono] 4:08
72. Everybody's Got the Right to Love 2:40
73. The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday (2000 Box Set Version) 3:00
74. Stoned Love 4:09
75. River Deep, Mountain High (featuring Four Tops) 4:53
76. You Gotta Have Love in Your Heart (Single Version) (featuring Four Tops) 2:50
77. Touch (Promo) [Single Version] 3:07
78. Nathan Jones (Single Version) 3:04
79. Floy Joy (2000 Box Set Version) 2:51
80. Automatically Sunshine (Single Version) 2:43
81. Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love 3:04
82. I Guess I'll Miss the Man (Single Version) 2:41
83. 5:30 Plane 4:00
84. Bad Weather (Single Version) 3:55
85. He's My Man 3:04
86. High Energy 5:27
87. I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking (Extended) 4:10
88. You're My Driving Wheel (Promo) [Single Version] 3:25
89. You Are the Heart of Me 4:13



The Supremes were Motown's most popular act, so there was much anticipation for a comprehensive box set, especially since Motown waited many years to assemble one. So, the question is, was the wait worth it? Almost. It's a lavish set, spanning four discs (five, if you include the limited-edition live bonus disc included with the first 25,000 sets), housed in a red-velvet plated book and boasting a 70-page booklet, plus alternate takes, original 45 mixes, and other rarities. The devil is in the details, though. Rarities are substituted for original hit versions; for instance, the original versions of "Stop! In the Name of Love" and "Love Is Here and Now You're Gone" are not here. Then, there are the little omissions, like noting Elvis Costello's cover of "Remove This Doubt" in a list of great Supremes' covers, but not including the original. These curious choices, along with the decision to devote the fourth disc to post-Diana Ross material, makes the set feel a little incomplete, even though it covers a tremendous amount of ground. There are some classic cuts missing, and it's not a good thing that some of those missing items are the single versions of the hits. Still, it's hard not to like The Supremes as a set for hardcore fans, who will thrill to the different mixes and alternate versions, unreleased photos, Top Ten lists, and illustrated discographies. But for the listener looking for one exhaustive set containing all the Supremes they'll ever need, this set falls short of the mark. In fact, for that kind of listener, a good double-disc hits compilation remains a preferable choice over this set. [In 2006, this box was re-released minus the bonus disc of outtakes that was included in the 2000 edition, which is really too bad, since it was the only platter in the box that would hold the attention of the collectors who missed it the first time around.]