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John Digweed (Live in Argentina)


Download links and information about John Digweed (Live in Argentina) by John Digweed. This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to Electronica, Techno, Dancefloor, Dance Pop genres. It contains 58 tracks with total duration of 12:18:29 minutes.

Artist: John Digweed
Release date: 2013
Genre: Electronica, Techno, Dancefloor, Dance Pop
Tracks: 58
Duration: 12:18:29
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No. Title Length
1. John Digweed Live in Argentina (Continuous Live Mix from Metropolitano Rosario, Pt. 1) [Live] (featuring Various Artists) 1:15:47
2. John Digweed Live in Argentina (Continuous Live Mix from Metropolitano Rosario, Pt. 2) [Live] (featuring Various Artists) 1:07:24
3. John Digweed Live in Argentina (Continuous Live Mix from Mandarine Park Buenos Aires, Pt. 1) [Live] (featuring Various Artists) 1:17:54
4. John Digweed Live in Argentina (Continuous Live Mix from Mandarine Park Buenos Aires, Pt. 2) [Live] (featuring Various Artists) 1:17:14
5. Painkiller (Live) [Michael Mayer Mix] (featuring Terra Nova) 7:44
6. Don't Stop the Beat (Live) [Tiefschwarz Remix] (featuring Mamá / Mama) 7:04
7. I Stay (Live) (featuring Jacob Phono, Jens Bond) 7:43
8. Lick Your Brains (Live) (featuring Jacob Phono, Jens Bond) 7:52
9. Brought to Bare (Live) [feat. Jonatan Bäckelie] [Deetron Remix] (featuring Jimpster) 2:32
10. Lie to Me (Live) (featuring Fairmont) 6:14
11. Arosis (Live) [Sebo Remix] (featuring Mario Aureo, Manuel Moreno) 6:53
12. Please Don’t Go (Live) (featuring Dubb Disko) 7:06
13. Set Her Free (Live) [Martin Buttrich Remix] (featuring Vinayak ^ A) 8:02
14. Cosmic Theater (Live) [Pete Herbert Remix] (featuring SuSoul) 6:39
15. No Doubt (Live) [Lopazz Remix] (featuring Leave) 6:43
16. The Race (Live) [feat. Mousse T.] (featuring Paul C & Paolo Martini) 7:49
17. Les Dilettantes (Live) [Roosevelt Mix] (featuring Com. A) 7:54
18. Stick Together (Live) [Phil Kieran Remix] (featuring Le Carousel) 11:31
19. To Disappear (Live) [Ripperton Remix] (featuring Our Loving Sun) 7:47
20. Red Swan (Live) (featuring Paul C & Paolo Martini) 6:41
21. Sunseeker (Live) (featuring Martin Buttrich, Mousse T.) 7:32
22. Come Save Me (Live) [The Pachanga Boys' Jagwar Pawar Version] (featuring Jagwar Ma) 12:32
23. Dancer (Live) (featuring H. O. S. H.) 8:43
24. Sofa (Live) (featuring Traumer) 12:05
25. BCN Motion (Live) (featuring Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace) 5:41
26. Redemption (Live) (featuring Oscar Barila, Sergio Parrado) 7:15
27. Rhythm (Live) [feat. Ben Westbeech] [Instrumental Mix] (featuring Deetron) 5:53
28. Rhythm (Live) [feat. Ben Westbeech] (featuring Deetron) 5:54
29. The Rift Valley (Live) [Lee Van Dowski Binary Re-Up Mix] (featuring Rebelski) 7:29
30. Got Me Somethin (Live) (featuring Dan Curtin) 8:52
31. Lambo (Live) (featuring Funk D'Void) 3:36
32. Sights (Live) (featuring Meg & Dia) 7:06
33. Control Room (Live) (featuring Marst) 10:01
34. Pump Power (Live) [Marino Canal Remix] (featuring The Japanese Popstars) 5:45
35. When the Wild Horse (Live) (featuring Nick Curly) 7:24
36. Let's Go Dancing (Live) (featuring Tiga, Audion) 8:35
37. The Messenger (Live) [Ian O’Donovan Remix] (featuring Satoshi Fumi) 8:46
38. Out of Nowhere (Live) [The Japanese Popstars Remix] (featuring The Japanese Popstars) 8:34
39. Eterna (Live) [John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix] (featuring The Slam) 7:54
40. Why so Serious? (Live) [Uner Remix] (featuring Daniel Dexter) 7:52
41. Dawnbreaker (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Ian O'Donovan) [Live] (featuring Ian O'Donovan, Nick Muir) 8:25
42. Infinity Road (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Carlo Lio) [Live] (featuring Nick Muir, Carlo Lio) 6:57
43. Tangram (The Bright End) [Live] (featuring Alex Niggemann) 8:32
44. You Know (Live) (featuring Ida Engberg, Conceiled Project) 7:52
45. Character Beats (Live) (featuring Deetron) 5:37
46. Indigo (Live) (featuring Breccia) 8:00
47. Katatonisch (Live) [Butch Remix] (featuring Amir) 7:02
48. Fibre (Live) [Phil Kieran Remix] (featuring Sebastian Markiewicz) 6:47
49. Issues (Live) (featuring Aidan Lavelle) 7:29
50. Direction (Live) (featuring Aidan Lavelle) 8:47
51. Mon Toy (Live) [Gregor Tresher Remix] (featuring Nuno Dos Santos) 7:41
52. Prism (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Jamie Stevens) [Live] (featuring Nick Muir, Jamie Stevens) 5:43
53. Roach Hotel (Live) (featuring Pele & Shawnecy) 8:15
54. F**k Jack (Live) (featuring Carlo Lio, Harvey Mckay) 7:33
55. Disco Diva (Live) [Uto Karem Remix] (featuring The Advent) 7:17
56. Kempai (Live) [Jon Rundell Remix] (featuring Arjun Vagale) 7:17
57. Push It (Live) (featuring Harvey Mckay) 7:10
58. A Tale of Two Cities (Live in Argentina) [Clean] 40:03