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Dance 'Til Quarter to Three + Twist up Calypso (Bonus Track Version)


Download links and information about Dance 'Til Quarter to Three + Twist up Calypso (Bonus Track Version) by Gary U. S. Bonds. This album was released in 1998 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Rock & Roll, Alternative genres. It contains 31 tracks with total duration of 01:18:12 minutes.

Artist: Gary U. S. Bonds
Release date: 1998
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Rock & Roll, Alternative
Tracks: 31
Duration: 01:18:12
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No. Title Length
1. Quarter to Three 2:36
2. A Trip to the Moon 2:30
3. Cecilia 2:43
4. That's All Right 1:58
5. I Know Why Dreamers Cry 2:01
6. Minnie the Moocher 2:36
7. New Orleans 2:53
8. One Million Tears 2:16
9. Not Me 2:36
10. Please Forgive Me 2:26
11. School Is Out 2:43
12. Don't Go to Strangers 2:28
13. Dear Lady Twist 2:29
14. Naughty Little Flea 2:13
15. Stop the Music 2:26
16. Mama Look a Booboo 2:46
17. Scratch, Scratch Me Back 2:29
18. Food of Love 2:11
19. Twist, Twist Señora 2:41
20. Man Smart, Woman Smarter 2:45
21. Give Me One More Chance 2:42
22. Coconut Woman 2:10
23. Cordelia Brown 2:46
24. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) 2:49
25. Havin' so Much Fun (Bonus Track) 3:16
26. Seven Day Weekend (Bonus Track) 2:33
27. School Is In (Bonus Track) 2:07
28. Time Ole Story (Bonus Track) 2:45
29. What a Dream (Bonus Track) 2:27
30. I Dig This Station (Bonus Track) 2:16
31. Copy Cat (Bonus Track) 2:35



A reissue that combines Gary "U.S." Bonds debut album Dance 'Til Quarter to Three (from 1961) and Twist Up Calypso album (from 1962) onto one CD. Bonds debut album was a typical recording for the era: a few hits ("Quarter to Three," "New Orleans," "School Is Out") are surrounded by tunes not far removed from the style of the singles, but aren't nearly as memorable. At least this one was mostly comprised of original material, written by producer Frank Guida, Bonds, and saxophonist Gene Barge, with a few others pitching in. The calypso and Caribbean beats that found their way into several Bonds singles crop up with some frequency; "Please Forgive Me," "Don't Go to Strangers," and "I Know Why Dreamers Cry" are doo wop/R&B ballads in a more traditional vein than Bonds usual approach; and "Not Me" would be covered for a hit by the Orlons in 1963. For Twist Up Calypso, the success of "Dear Lady Twist" (included here) inspired an entire album of songs derived from calypso music. Bonds and producer Frank Guida, it must be said, didn't do it halfway: almost everything here employs prominent calypso beats, and in addition to covers of the calypso tunes "Day-O" and "Mama Look a Booboo," several of the originals are obviously based on calypso riffs (such as "A Woman Is Smarter"). Bonds pulls off his task with genuine exuberance — the arrangements are considerably hotter and more indebted to the "party" sounds of his hits than the filler on his first album — though as usual it's the hits, "Twist, Twist Senora!" and the fabulous "Dear Lady Twist," that stand out.