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Genre: House Music


House music genre is a dance-based music that was originated in United States in early 1980s. It has influences from many other genres. Modern house festivals usually have millions of visitors.

Title: FALCO 60 (CD2)

Artist: T-MA A. K. A. Falco

Genre: Pop

Title: Clown Juice

Artist: Uranium Savages

Genre: Rock

Title: 9AM

Artist: Rayless

Genre: Electronica

Title: Parachute

Artist: The Verve Pipe

Genre: Rock

Title: Picture On The Wall

Artist: Mark Scott

Genre: Pop

Title: The Call Back

Artist: Richard House

Genre: House

Title: Make Some Noise

Artist: Cris Tommasi

Genre: House

Title: With Love, Vol. 3

Artist: Maina

Genre: House

Title: The Best Trip

Artist: Fonzie Ciaco

Genre: House

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