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WALL•E (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) / WALLoE (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)


Download links and information about WALL•E (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) / WALLoE (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture). This album was released in 2008 and it belongs to Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 38 tracks with total duration of 01:01:46 minutes.

Release date: 2008
Genre: Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 38
Duration: 01:01:46
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No. Title Length
1. Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Michael Crawford) 1:17
2. 2815 A.D. (Thomas Newman) 3:28
3. Wall•e (Thomas Newman) 1:59
4. The Spaceship (Thomas Newman) 1:41
5. Eve (Thomas Newman) 1:02
6. Thrust (Thomas Newman) 0:41
7. Bubble Wrap (Thomas Newman) 0:50
8. La Vie en Rose (Louis Armstrong) 3:24
9. Eye Surgery (Thomas Newman) 0:40
10. Worry Wait (Thomas Newman) 1:19
11. First Date (Thomas Newman) 1:19
12. Eve Retrieve (Thomas Newman) 2:19
13. The Axiom (Thomas Newman) 2:24
14. Bnl (Thomas Newman) 0:20
15. Foreign Contaminant (Thomas Newman) 2:06
16. Repair Ward (Thomas Newman) 2:20
17. 72 Degrees and Sunny (Thomas Newman) 3:12
18. Typing Bot (Thomas Newman) 0:47
19. Septuacentennial (Thomas Newman) 0:14
20. Gopher (Thomas Newman) 0:40
21. WALL•E's Pod Adventure (Thomas Newman) 1:13
22. Define Dancing (Thomas Newman) 2:23
23. No Splashing No Diving (Thomas Newman) 0:47
24. All That Love's About (Thomas Newman) 0:37
25. M-O (Thomas Newman) 0:46
26. Directive A-113 (Thomas Newman) 2:05
27. Mutiny! (Thomas Newman) 1:29
28. Fixing WALL•E (Thomas Newman) 2:07
29. Rogue Robots (Thomas Newman) 2:02
30. March of the Gels (Thomas Newman) 0:54
31. Tilt (Thomas Newman) 2:00
32. The Holo-Detector (Thomas Newman) 1:07
33. Hyperjump (Thomas Newman) 1:04
34. Desperate Eve (Thomas Newman) 0:56
35. Static (Thomas Newman) 1:43
36. It Only Takes a Moment (Michael Crawford) 1:07
37. Down to Earth (Peter Gabriel) 5:57
38. Horizon 12.2 (Thomas Newman) 1:27



If Wall-E echoes elements of the ‘70s sci-fi cult classic Silent Running, director Andrew Stanton’s vision of humanity’s eco-challenged future and the tiny service droid who holds its key is leavened by a brighter, more wondrous spirit. Stanton wisely tapped his Finding Nemo collaborator Thomas Newman to score his expansive Pixar space adventure, and the composer responds with a score that skillfully interpolates his restless, inventive sense of timbre within his family’s rich Hollywood musical traditions. Book-ended by a pair of Michael Crawford-performed songs from Hello Dolly that are key to Stanton’s quirky vision and seasoned with Louis Armstrong’s vintage “La Vie en Rose” and Peter Gabriel’s muscular new “Down to Earth,” Newman’s texturally-rich score bobs and weaves from the orchestral to the synthetic with impressive grace. He even collaborates with Gabriel on the wondrous “Eve” theme and the humorous mock jingle for “BNL, ” before tracks like the tongue-in-cheeky Euro-pop of “First Date” and nervy exercises like “Foreign Contaminant,” “72 Degrees and Sunny,” and the moody “Directive A-113” showcase the true emotional range of Newman’s inquisitive muse.