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Tubeway Army


Download links and information about Tubeway Army by Tubeway Army. This album was released in 1978 and it belongs to Rock, New Wave, Alternative genres. It contains 25 tracks with total duration of 01:17:58 minutes.

Artist: Tubeway Army
Release date: 1978
Genre: Rock, New Wave, Alternative
Tracks: 25
Duration: 01:17:58
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No. Title Length
1. Listen to the Sirens (featuring Gary Numan) 3:05
2. My Shadow In Vain (featuring Gary Numan) 2:59
3. The Life Machine (featuring Gary Numan) 2:45
4. Friends (featuring Gary Numan) 2:30
5. Something's in the House (featuring Gary Numan) 4:14
6. Everyday I Die (featuring Gary Numan) 2:24
7. Steel and You (featuring Gary Numan) 4:44
8. My Love Is a Liquid (featuring Gary Numan) 3:33
9. Are You Real? (featuring Gary Numan) 3:25
10. The Dream Police (featuring Gary Numan) 3:38
11. Jo the Waiter (featuring Gary Numan) 2:41
12. Zero Bars (Mr Smith) (featuring Gary Numan) 3:12
13. Positive Thinking (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:56
14. Boys (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:13
15. Blue Eyes (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:03
16. You Don't Know Me (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:28
17. My Shadow In Vain (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 4:13
18. Me My Head (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 4:10
19. That's Too Bad (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 3:26
20. Basic J (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 3:03
21. Do Your Best (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:40
22. Oh! Didn't I Say (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:31
23. I'm a Poseur (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:30
24. White Light, White Heat (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 2:49
25. Kill St. Joy (Live) (featuring Gary Numan) 3:46



The classic self-titled debut by Gary Numan's Tubeway Army was finally reissued by Beggars Banquet, who have done a masterful job remastering the tracks and adding a live set from 1978 as a bonus. In the past, many have felt that Numan's debut disc didn't measure up to his later triumphs (1979's Replicas, 1980's Telekon, etc.), but listening to it today, you discover that it's the most underrated of all his early albums. Numan & the Tubeway Army were one of the first new wave/punk bands (along with Kraftwerk and Devo) to successfully fuse robotic synthesizers with rock & roll. Gary Numan's guitar riffing is more prominent here than on any other of his albums, which gives the tunes a splendid Ziggy Stardust feel at times. Kicking things off with several strong compositions — "Listen to the Sirens," "The Life Machine," and "Friends" — the album sags momentarily in the middle ("My Love Is Liquid"), but soon returns to its high standards with "Are You Real?" and "Jo the Waiter." The reissue of Tubeway Army wraps up with the 13-track Living Ornaments '78: Live at the Roxy set, which was previously released only as a bootleg. Although lo-fi, it's an audience recording containing songs that didn't make it to the debut. [Note: In addition to bonus tracks, all of the Gary Numan/Begggars Banquet re-releases contain classic photographs and informative liner notes by Numan biographer Steve Malins.]