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Felix Mendelssohn: Paulus (St Paul) Op. 36 Chorus's - (Bass Line Choral Part -piano and Orchestra)


Download links and information about Felix Mendelssohn: Paulus (St Paul) Op. 36 Chorus's - (Bass Line Choral Part -piano and Orchestra) by Transform Studios. This album was released in 2009 and it belongs to Opera genres. It contains 24 tracks with total duration of 01:01:22 minutes.

Artist: Transform Studios
Release date: 2009
Genre: Opera
Tracks: 24
Duration: 01:01:22
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No. Title Length
1. 02,Part 1: Introduction: Herr, Der Du Bist Der Gott (Lord! Thou Alone Art God)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 3:51
2. 03,Part 1: Introduction: Allein Gott In Der Hoh' Sei Ehr' Und Dank (To God On High Be Thanks and Praise)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:29
3. 05,Part 1: Scene 1: Dieser Mensch Hort Nicht Auf Zu Reden (Now This Man Ceaseth Not to Utter)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 3:11
4. 06b,Part 1: Scene 1: Weg, Weg Mit Dem (Take Him Away)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:07
5. 08b,Part 1: Scene 1: Steiniget Ihn (Stone Him to Death)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:47
6. 09b,Part 1: Scene 1: Dir Herr, Dir Will Ich Mich Ergeben (To Thee, O Lord, I Yield My Spirit)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:55
7. 11,Part 1: Scene 1: Siehe, Wir Preisen Selig (Happy and Blest Are They)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:59
8. 15,Part 1: Scene 2: Mache Dich Auf, Werde Licht (Rise! Up! Arise! Rise and Shine)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 4:33
9. 16,Part 1: Scene 2: Wachef Auf! Ruft Uns Die Stimme (Sleepers, Wake! a Voice Is Calling)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:15
10. 20b,Part 1: Scene 2: Der Herr Wird Die Thranen (The Lord He Is Good)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 3:46
11. 22,Part 1: Scene 2: O Welch' Eine Tiefe Des Reichthums (O Great Is the Depth of the Riches)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 5:12
12. 23a,Part 2: Scene 3: Der Erdkreis Ist Nun Des Herrn (The Nations Are Now the Lord's)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:50
13. 23b,Part 2: Scene 3: Denn Alle Heiden (For All the Gentiles)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 3:00
14. 26,Part 2: Scene 3: Wie Lieblich Sind Die Boten (How Lovely Are the Messengers)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:56
15. 28b,Part 2: Scene 4: So Spricht Der Herr (Thus Said the Lord)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 0:48
16. 29a,Part 2: Scene 4: Ist Das Nicht Der Zu Jerusalem (Is This He Who In Jerusalem)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:03
17. 29b,Part 2: Scene 4: O Jesu Christe, Wahres Licht (O Thou, the True and Only Light)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:05
18. 33,Part 2: Scene 4: Die Gotter Sind Den Menschen Gleich Geworden (The Gods Themselves As Mortals Have Descended)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:18
19. 35,Part 2: Scene 4: Seid Uns Gnadig, Hohe Gotter (O Be Gracious, Ye Immortals!)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:33
20. 36c,Part 2: Scene 4: Aber Unser Gott Ist In Himmel (But Out God Abideth In Heaven)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:42
21. 38,Part 2: Scene 4: Hier Ist Des Herren Tempel (This Is Jehovah's Temple)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:57
22. 42a,Part 2: Scene 4: Schone Doch Deiner Selbst (Far Be It from Thy Path)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 1:42
23. 43,Part 2: Scene 7: Sehet, Welch' Eine Liebe (See, What Love Hath the Father)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 2:13
24. 45,Part 2: Scene 8: Nicht Aber Ihm Allein (Not Only Unto Him)- Bass Choral Part (piano,orchestra) 4:10