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The Who's Tommy (Original Cast Recording)


Download links and information about The Who's Tommy (Original Cast Recording). This album was released in 1993 and it belongs to Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 35 tracks with total duration of 01:33:38 minutes.

Release date: 1993
Genre: Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 35
Duration: 01:33:38
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No. Title Length
1. Overture (From "Tommy") (Bill Buell & Joseph Church) 4:41
2. Captain Walker (From "Tommy") (Paul Kandel, Michael McElroy) 1:45
3. It's a Boy (From "Tommy") (Pam Klinger, Alice Ripley, Marcia Mitzman) 0:53
4. We've Won (From "Tommy") (Michael Arnold, Jonathan Dokuchitz) 1:01
5. Twenty-One (From "Tommy") (Lee Morgan, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Marcia Mitzman, Carly Jane Steinborn) 4:13
6. Amazing Journey (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 3:12
7. Courtroom Scene (dialogue) (From "Tommy") (Tom Flynn, Norm Lewis, Marcia Mitzman, Bill Buell) 1:15
8. Sparks (From "Tommy") (Joseph Church) 2:13
9. Amazing Journey (reprise) (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 1:04
10. Christmas / See Me, Feel Me (From "Tommy") (Jonathan Dokuchitz, Michael Cerveris, Marcia Mitzman, Bill Buell) 5:04
11. Do You Think It's Alright (From "Tommy") (Jonathan Dokuchitz, Marcia Mitzman) 1:08
12. Fiddle About (From "Tommy") (Paul Kandel) 1:34
13. See Me, Feel Me (Reprise) (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 1:08
14. Cousin Kevin (From "Tommy") (Anthony Barrile) 3:34
15. Sensation (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 4:14
16. Sparks (Reprise) (From "Tommy") (Joseph Church) 1:54
17. Eyesight to the Blind (From "Tommy") (Lee Morgan, Michael McElroy) 2:50
18. Acid Queen (From "Tommy") (Cheryl Freeman) 4:01
19. Pinball Wizard (From "Tommy") (Christian Hoff, Anthony Barrile, Donnie Kehr) 3:51
20. Underture (Entr'acte) (From "Tommy") (Unknown) 2:38
21. It's a Boy (Reprise)/There's a Doctor (From "Tommy") (Jonathan Dokuchitz, Marcia Mitzman) 1:12
22. Go to the Mirror/Listening to You (From "Tommy") (Norm Lewis, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Michael Cerveris, Alice Ripley, Marcia Mitzman, Buddy Smith, Jody Gelb) 3:35
23. Tommy, Can You Hear Me? (From "Tommy") (Lee Morgan, Christian Hoff, Norm Lewis, Michael Arnold, Sherie Scott, Michael McElroy, Anthony Barrile, Donnie Kehr, Paul Dobie) 2:00
24. I Believe My Own Eyes (From "Tommy") (Jonathan Dokuchitz, Marcia Mitzman) 4:01
25. Smash the Mirror (From "Tommy") (Marcia Mitzman) 2:41
26. I'm Free (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 2:52
27. Streets of London 1961-63 (Dialogue) (From Tommy) (Tom Flynn, Paul Kandel, Michael Arnold, Michael McElroy, Paul Dobie, Timothy Warmen) 0:35
28. Sensation (Reprise) (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 2:20
29. I'm Free/pinball Wizard (Reprise) (rom "Tommy") (Jonathan Dokuchitz, Michael Cerveris, Marcia Mitzman, Anthony Barrile) 3:54
30. Tommy's Holiday Camp (From "Tommy") (Paul Kandel) 1:57
31. Sally Simpson (From "Tommy") (Paul Kandel, Pam Klinger, Sherie Scott, Bill Buell, Anthony Barrile) 3:35
32. Welcome (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 3:19
33. Sally Simpson's Question (From "Tommy") (Sherie Scott, Michael Cerveris) 1:11
34. We're Not Gonna Take It (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris) 3:03
35. See Me, Feel Me (Reprise)/Listening to You (Reprise) (From "Tommy") (Michael Cerveris, Joseph Church, Buddy Smith) 5:10