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Peel Slowly and See (Box Set)


Download links and information about Peel Slowly and See (Box Set) by The Velvet Underground. This album was released in 1995 and it belongs to Rock, Folk Rock, Rock & Roll, Punk, Alternative, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic genres. It contains 54 tracks with total duration of 05:00:22 minutes.

Artist: The Velvet Underground
Release date: 1995
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock, Rock & Roll, Punk, Alternative, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic
Tracks: 54
Duration: 05:00:22
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No. Title Length
1. Venus In Furs (Demo) 15:36
2. Prominent Men (Demo) 4:53
3. Heroin (Demo) 13:33
4. I'm Waiting for the Man (Demo) 9:49
5. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Demo) 15:50
6. All Tomorrow's Parties (Demo) 18:25
7. All Tomorrow's Parties (Mono Single Version) 2:52
8. Sunday Morning (featuring Nico) 2:55
9. I'm Waiting for the Man (featuring Nico) 4:39
10. Femme Fatale (featuring Nico) 2:39
11. Venus In Furs (featuring Nico) 5:12
12. Run Run Run (featuring Nico) 4:22
13. All Tomorrow's Parties (featuring Nico) 5:59
14. Heroin (featuring Nico) 7:12
15. There She Goes Again (featuring Nico) 2:41
16. I'll Be Your Mirror (featuring Nico) 2:13
17. The Black Angel's Death Song (featuring Nico) 3:11
18. European Son (featuring Nico) 7:48
19. Melody Laughter (Live) 10:44
20. It Was a Pleasure Then 8:05
21. Chelsea Girls (featuring Nico) 7:24
22. There Is No Reason (Demo) 2:12
23. Sheltered Life (Demo) 2:52
24. It's All Right (The Way That You Live) [Demo] 2:48
25. I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) [Demo] 2:16
26. Here She Comes Now (Demo) 2:46
27. Guess I'm Falling In Love (Live) 4:10
28. Booker T. (Live) 6:30
29. White Light/White Heat 2:45
30. The Gift 8:16
31. Lady Godiva's Operation 4:54
32. Here She Comes Now 2:02
33. I Heard Her Call My Name 4:36
34. Sister Ray 17:27
35. Stephanie Says 2:49
36. Temptation Inside Your Heart 2:29
37. What Goes On (Live) 5:38
38. Candy Says (Closet Mix) 4:05
39. What Goes On (Closet Mix) 4:37
40. Some Kinda Love (Closet Mix) 3:41
41. Pale Blue Eyes (Closet Mix) 5:42
42. Jesus (Closet Mix) 3:28
43. Beginning to See the Light (Closet Mix) 4:49
44. I'm Set Free (Closet Mix) 4:08
45. That's the Story of My Life (Closet Mix) 2:07
46. The Murder Mystery (Closet Mix) 9:00
47. Afterhours (Closet Mix) 2:12
48. Foggy Notion 6:49
49. I Can't Stand It 3:23
50. I'm Sticking With You 2:31
51. One of These Days 4:02
52. Lisa Says 2:58
53. It's Just Too Much (Live) 3:01
54. Countess from Hong Kong (Demo) 3:17



Does this five-CD box set feature an abundance of essential material? Certainly. It has all four of the studio albums released by the Lou Reed-led lineup, and a wealth of previously unreleased goodies. Is it an essential purchase? That depends on your level of fanaticism. Most serious Velvet fans have all four of the core studio albums already (although the third, self-titled LP is presented in its muffled, so-called "closet" mix), and will be most interested in the previously unavailable recordings, which do hold considerable fascination. The entire first disc is devoted to a drummer-less 1965 rehearsal tape in John Cale's loft, with radically different, almost folky run-throughs of most of the important songs from their classic debut, as well as a song that only made it onto Nico's first LP ("Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams"), and one which makes its first appearance anywhere (the Dylanesque "Prominent Men"). Other big bonuses include no less than seven outtakes from Loaded and other songs re-done by Reed on his early solo albums. And there are sundry other unreleased live and studio items, highlighted by a scorching live 1967 "Guess I'm Falling in Love" and the 1969 demo "Countess From Hong Kong." There are also highlights from VU and Another View, longer versions of Loaded's "Sweet Jane" and "New Age," and an 80-page booklet. The thing is, though, that virtually everyone who's interested in this material has already bought the four studio albums, sometimes several times over. A separate release of the two discs or so of truly new material would have been welcomed by the many fans who aren't interested in paying for a five-CD box of stuff when they already have well over half of it.