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Download links and information about Communion by The Soundtrack of Our Lives. This album was released in 2009 and it belongs to Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Psychedelic genres. It contains 24 tracks with total duration of 01:33:32 minutes.

Artist: The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Release date: 2009
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Psychedelic
Tracks: 24
Duration: 01:33:32
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No. Title Length
1. Babel On 6:24
2. Universal Stalker 4:43
3. The Ego Illusion 5:04
4. Pineal Grand Hotel 0:50
5. RA 88 4:05
6. Second Life Replay 5:24
7. Thrill Me 3:12
8. Fly 4:33
9. Pictures of Youth 4:34
10. Mensa's Marauders 2:22
11. Just a Brother 3:29
12. Distorted Child 3:44
13. Everything Beautiful Must Die 4:50
14. The Fan Who Wasn't There 2:27
15. Flipside 3:24
16. Los Prophets In Vain 3:35
17. Songs of the Ocean 5:54
18. Digitarian Riverbank 2:59
19. Reconnecting the Dots 3:54
20. Without Warning 3:15
21. Utopia 4:07
22. Saturation Wanderers 3:27
23. Lifeline 2:14
24. The Passover 5:02



This Swedish ensemble have never been shy of ambition: Communion is a 24-track “double album,” with each song representing an hour of the day. This epic strategy takes shape immediately with the slow, graceful build of the opening cut, “Babel On,” where singer Ebbot Lundberg calls upon the masses to “come on” as the song slowly unveils its dramatic arc over a six-and-a-half minute trajectory. An unexpected cover of Nick Drake’s masterwork “Fly” neatly slips in between these anthemic treatises on modern life. “The Ego Delusion,” the sweetly ponderous “Second Life Replay” and “Everything Beautiful Must Die” bounce between serious discussions about life and the silliness that these conversations often evoke. Soundtrack are that unusual group who manage to scale grand heights of potential pretension and somehow manage to take the air out of the balloon with the perfect riff and sudden shift to garage band-type under-sophistication. The band’s unique brand of modern psychedelia helps keep things constantly swirling and under headphones the band’s layers peel away with intriguing moments of insight.