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The Most Happy Fella (Original Studio Cast) [Soundtrack from the Musical]


Download links and information about The Most Happy Fella (Original Studio Cast) [Soundtrack from the Musical]. This album was released in 2000 and it belongs to Pop, Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 90 tracks with total duration of 02:49:17 minutes.

Release date: 2000
Genre: Pop, Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 90
Duration: 02:49:17
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No. Title Length
1. Overture (National Symphony Orchestra) 3:14
2. Scene: Thank You... (Walter Charles) 0:30
3. Ooh! My Feet! (Karen Ziemba) 2:21
4. Scene: Hey, Where's What Her Name... (Walter Charles, Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 0:30
5. I Know How It Is (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 1:15
6. Scene: It's Jewelry,,, (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 0:32
7. My Dear Rosabella (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 1:16
8. I Don't Know Noing About You (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 0:42
9. Scene: I Live On My Grape Ranch... (The Girls, Walter Charles, Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 1:15
10. Maybe He's Kind-a Crazy... (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 0:45
11. Somebody, Somewhere (Emily Loesser) 2:27
12. The Most Happy Fella (Company, Louis Quilico, George Lee Andrews) 3:39
13. Scene: Oh, Hello Marie... (Louis Quilico) 0:34
14. I Don't Know Noting About Her (Louis Quilico) 1:59
15. Scene: Hi Boss... (Don Stephenson, Michael Gruber, George Dvorsky) 0:49
16. Standing On the Corner (Don Stephenson, Michael Gruber, George Dvorsky) 2:48
17. Scene: All Right, Break It Up... (Louis Quilico, Drew McVety) 0:59
18. Joey, Joey,Joey (Richard Muenz) 3:18
19. Scene: Hey, Tony What's the Italian... (Louis Quilico, Richard Muenz) 0:20
20. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe (Louis Quilico, Richard Muenz) 1:49
21. Rosabella (Louis Quilico) 2:25
22. Opening Act One Scene Three (Mark Slama) 0:31
23. Abbondanza (Alfie Boe, Stephen Davis) 1:43
24. Scene: and Thsi Is Tony's Barn... (Kristin Chenoweth, Company, Louis Quilico, Sean McDermott) 1:15
25. Plenty Bambini (Louis Quilico) 2:13
26. Scene: Hey! Boss!... (Louis Quilico, Richard Muenz) 0:45
27. Sposalizio (Alfie Boe, Stephen Davis, Company) 3:54
28. Scene: Bocci Ball Anybody?... (Kristin Chenoweth, Sean McDermott) 0:35
29. Scene: Well, Here We Are... (George Lee Andrews, Emily Loesser, Richard Muenz) 0:46
30. I Seen Her At the Station (George Lee Andrews, Richard Muenz) 1:00
31. Benvenuta (Alfie Boe, Stephen Davis, Richard Muenz, Joseph Shovelton) 3:10
32. Scene: It's Very Lovely,,, (Emily Loesser) 0:23
33. Such Friendly Faces (Emily Loesser) 2:47
34. Scene: Thank You Very Much... (Stephen Davis, Company, Emily Loesser, Richard Muenz, Nancy Shade) 2:14
35. No Home, No Job (Emily Loesser) 0:38
36. Scene: Step Back Everybody... (Company, Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser, Nancy Shade) 4:00
37. Don't Cry (Emily Loesser, Richard Muenz) 4:18
38. Prelude to Act Two (National Symphony Orchestra) 1:10
39. Fresno Beauties Part One (The Men) 1:58
40. Cold and Dead (Emily Loesser, Richard Muenz) 1:10
41. Fresno Beauties Part Two (The Men) 0:52
42. Scene: Ma Che Brutte Sortel... (Ladies, Louis Quilico) 0:51
43. Love and Kindness (Louis Quilico) 2:00
44. Scene: Hey, You Mad At Me... (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 0:31
45. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 3:24
46. Scene: Oh, Marie... (Louis Quilico, Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser, Nancy Shade) 0:51
47. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance (Reprise) (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 0:34
48. I Don't Like This Dame (The Men, Karen Ziemba, Nancy Shade) 2:01
49. Big D (Company, Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 5:15
50. How Beautiful the Days (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser, Richard Muenz, Nancy Shade) 3:37
51. Act Two Scene Three Opening (National Symphony Orchestra) 1:44
52. Scene: Just Look At 'Em... (Louis Quilico, Nancy Shade) 0:22
53. Young People (Louis Quilico, Nancy Shade) 1:27
54. Warm All Over (Emily Loesser) 2:31
55. Old People Gotta Sit Dere An' Die (Louis Quilico) 1:33
56. Scene: Now You Got to Look Out for This Label Glue... (Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 2:07
57. Scene: Oh, Hello Pasquale... (Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 0:41
58. I Like Ev'rybody (Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 1:26
59. Act Two Scene Five Opening (National Symphony Orchestra) 0:58
60. Scene: Isn't It Wonderful?... (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 0:14
61. I Love Him (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 1:20
62. Scene: Easy Now... (Louis Quilico) 0:29
63. Like a Woman Loves a Man (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 1:55
64. My Heart Is So Full of You (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 2:53
65. Scene: Hey Paesan!... (Company, Louis Quilico) 0:19
66. Hoedown (Company, Mark Slama) 1:30
67. Scene: Rosabella! What's-a Matter... (Company, Louis Quilico, Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 2:04
68. Mamma, Mamma (Louis Quilico) 2:46
69. Prelude Act Three (National Symphony Orchestra) 0:28
70. Abbondanza (Reprise) (Alfie Boe, Stephen Davis, Joseph Shovelton) 1:30
71. Scene: Fellas? Hey, Fellas... (Alfie Boe, Stephen Davis, Don Stephenson, Joseph Shovelton) 1:11
72. I Like Everybody (Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 3:08
73. Scene: Before the Party Begins... (William Burden) 0:45
74. Song of a Summer Night (Company, William Burden) 2:50
75. Scene: Carissima! What's-a Matter... (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 1:45
76. Please Let Me Tell You (Emily Loesser) 2:04
77. Scene: Ma Che C'e?... (Stephen Davis, Louis Quilico) 1:11
78. Scene: So You're Finally Gettin' Out of Town... (Louis Quilico, Michael Gruber, George Dvorsky, Richard Muenz, Guy Stroman) 2:36
79. She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me (Louis Quilico, Karen Ziemba, Nancy Shade) 5:34
80. I Made a Fist (Don Stephenson, Karen Ziemba) 1:09
81. Scene: He's Gonna Be Tony's Bambino... (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 2:08
82. I Canno' Leave You Money (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 1:21
83. Finale Act Three (Company, Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser) 1:22
84. Exit Music (National Symphony Orchestra) 3:50
85. House and Garden (Karen Ziemba, Emily Loesser) 2:43
86. Tony and Marie Duet / Nobody's Gonna Love You Like I Love You (Louis Quilico, Nancy Shade) 5:59
87. Eyes Like a Stranger (Nancy Shade, William Burden) 3:28
88. Is It Fair? / Warm All Over / Old People Gotta Sit Down An' Die (Louis Quilico, Emily Loesser, Nancy Shade) 6:22
89. I'll Buy Everybody a Beer (Company, William Burden) 1:41
90. Wanting to Be Wanted (Jo Sullivan) 2:00