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The Lego® Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / The Lego(R) Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Download links and information about The Lego® Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / The Lego(R) Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). This album was released in 2014 and it belongs to Kids, Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 28 tracks with total duration of 58:09 minutes.

Release date: 2014
Genre: Kids, Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 28
Duration: 58:09
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No. Title Length
1. Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island) (Tegan And Sara) 2:43
2. Prologue (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:28
3. Emmet's Morning (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:59
4. Emmet Falls In Love (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:11
5. Escape (Mark Mothersbaugh) 3:27
6. Into the Old West (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:00
7. Wyldstyle Explains (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:21
8. Emmet's Mind (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:17
9. The Transformation (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:46
10. Saloons and Wagons (Mark Mothersbaugh) 3:38
11. Batman (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:23
12. Middle Zealand (Mark Mothersbaugh) 0:28
13. Cloud Cuckooland and Ben the Spaceman (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:25
14. Emmet's Speech (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:02
15. Submarines and Metal Beard (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:49
16. Requiem For Cuckooland (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:23
17. Reaching the Kragle (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:35
18. Emmet's Plan (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:54
19. The Truth (Mark Mothersbaugh) 3:16
20. Wyldstyle Leads (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:46
21. Let's Put It All Back (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:02
22. I Am a Master Builder (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:48
23. My Secret Weapon (Mark Mothersbaugh) 4:19
24. We Did It! (Mark Mothersbaugh) 1:30
25. Everything Is AWESOME!!! (Jo Li) 1:26
26. Everything Is AWESOME!!! (Unplugged) (Sammy Allen, Shawn Patterson) 1:24
27. Untitled Self Portrait (Will Arnett) 1:08
28. Everything Is AWESOME!!! (Instrumental Sing-A-Long) (Mark Mothersbaugh) 2:41



“I didn't grow up with Lego bricks,” Mark Mothersbaugh insists, despite all those years in Devo where he wore a costume that sure looked like one. But the new wave icon turned film scorer says the movie's animation tests fired his imagination. “How do you make the sound of Lego bricks?” Mothersbaugh pondered. “And how do you bring Lego bricks to life? I started playing with a lot of electronic things, because I knew you could go further and faster with electronics. I dug through my old Devo synthesizers—and even newer stuff like circuit-bent things and stuff like Skrillex. I just came up with a palette I really liked, that had a plastic, living Lego-block feel.” But Mothersbaugh admits some traditions are indispensable: “You just really need an orchestra to make things feel like they're alive. It's something about breathing humans making the sound, and I think that translates with an orchestra. I think it's important for animation, because there are so many things you lose from live film. The music has a lot to do with bringing animation to life.”