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Build Me Up Buttercup (The Complete Pye Collection)


Download links and information about Build Me Up Buttercup (The Complete Pye Collection) by The Foundations. This album was released in 2004 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Pop genres. It contains 59 tracks with total duration of 03:09:27 minutes.

Artist: The Foundations
Release date: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Pop
Tracks: 59
Duration: 03:09:27
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No. Title Length
1. Baby, Now That I've Found You 2:36
2. Come On Back to Me 2:16
3. Back On My Feet Again 2:54
4. I Can Take or Leave Your Loving 2:17
5. Hold Me Just a Little While Longer 2:27
6. Love Is a Five Letter Word 4:15
7. Call Me 2:27
8. Show Me 2:54
9. Jerkin' the Dog 2:59
10. A Whole New Thing 2:56
11. The Writings On the Wall 2:15
12. Mr Personality Man 2:27
13. Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad) 2:51
14. (We Are) Happy People 2:53
15. It's All Right 3:00
16. Build Me Up Buttercup 2:58
17. New Direction 2:59
18. Am I Groovin' You 3:10
19. Harlem Shuffle (Alternate Take) 3:10
20. Tomorrow (Alternate Version) 4:48
21. Give Me Love 2:49
22. My Little Chickadee 2:58
23. Till Night Brought Day 3:09
24. Waiting On the Shores of Nowhere 3:07
25. In the Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me) 3:24
26. A Penny, Sir 3:11
27. I Can Feel It 3:40
28. Take the Emptiness Away 2:58
29. Let the Heartaches Begin 2:55
30. A Walk Through the Trees 3:38
31. That Same Old Feeling 3:07
32. Solomon Grundy 4:06
33. Born to Live, Born to Die 3:44
34. Why Did You Cry 2:10
35. Baby I Couldn't See 3:28
36. Take a Girl Like You 2:36
37. I'm Gonna Be a Rich Man 3:47
38. In the Beginning 4:04
39. Where the Fire Burns 5:33
40. Baby Now That I've Found You (12" '89 Remix) 5:17
41. I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) (featuring Clem Curtis) 3:11
42. Mountain Over the Hill (featuring Clem Curtis) 2:56
43. Point of No Return (featuring Clem Curtis) 3:13
44. Stand By Your Man (featuring Clem Curtis) 2:46
45. Time Alone Will Tell (featuring Clem Curtis) 2:28
46. I Need Your Love (featuring The New Foundations) 2:22
47. Something for My Baby (featuring The New Foundations) 3:10
48. Love Is Alright (The Horse) [Live Version] 3:48
49. People Are Funny (From "Rockin' the Foundations" Live EP) 4:05
50. Harlem Shuffle 2:45
51. Coming Home Baby (From "Rockin' the Foundations" Live EP) 2:54
52. Tomorrow 4:33
53. Am I Groovin' You (From "Rockin' the Foundations" Live EP) 2:54
54. Back On My Feet Again (Alternate Version) 3:37
55. Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad) [Alternate Version] 3:00
56. Things Get Better (From "Rockin' the Foundations" Live EP) 2:59
57. The Look of Love (Live Version) 4:04
58. Stop Her On Sight 3:02
59. (We Are) Happy People (From "Rockin' the Foundations" Live EP) 3:27



Whoever thought the day would come when the Foundations would be honored with a three-CD set? Now that it's found us, though, the job's certainly been done with admirable completeness, the 60 songs including everything they did for Pye — a period that covers virtually everything of interest the band recorded, mostly dating from 1967-1970. That means there's not only everything from their singles and albums (including the whole of the late-'60s live LP Rockin' the Foundations), but also five solo tracks (most or all of them from the early '70s) recorded by original Foundations lead singer Clem Curtis; the mid-'70s single by the New Foundations, led by Curtis; and an unnecessary 12" 1989 remix of "Baby Now That I've Found You." Like many such vault-cleaning anthologies of bands with one or two big hits, though, it's musically erratic. At their best, the Foundations credibly emulated horn-backed American vocal group soul, often mixed with mainstream British pop influences, flecked with a hint of ska/bluebeat and Georgie Fame here and there. But it's those one or two big hits — in their case, "Baby Now That I've Found You" and "Build Me Up Buttercup" — that are easily the best items here. Too many of the other songs have lesser echoes of those two hits, which may be unsurprising given that so many of their recordings were written by the Tony Macaulay-John MacLeod team who wrote "Baby Now That I've Found You" (Macaulay co-wrote "Build Me Up Buttercup" too, though with Mike d'Abo, not MacLeod). For those inclined to dig this deep, there are indications of unusual and interestingly different dimensions to the group on some of the relatively infrequent original compositions, like the ominous psychedelic-influenced "New Direction," Curtis' Sam Cooke-like "Tomorrow," Colin Young's funky "Give Me Love," and the mighty progressive funk of the instrumental workouts "In the Beginning" and "Where the Fire Burns." Pat Burke's "A Walk Through the Trees," moving the latter's tenor sax into a rare center-stage spot, is also worth hearing, and this group's version of "That Same Old Feeling" (later a hit for their Pye labelmates Pickettywitch) is also worth hearing, if only for the relative prominence of Alan Warner's chiming rhythm guitar. Most admirers of the group will be content with a single-disc greatest-hits collection, but for more serious fans this roundup is a valuable service, and the live album — promised for reissue on CD in the late '90s — comes off better here and more credible than most of us remember it. The absence of original release date information (except for the year of issue) for each track is unfortunate, however, and the annotation is a bit disappointing — on most of these Castle/Sanctuary vault raids of the Pye vaults, there's almost too much information, but here there's too little. ~ Richie Unterberger & Bruce Eder, Rovi