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Download links and information about Sandinista! by The Clash. This album was released in 1980 and it belongs to Rock, Hard Rock, New Wave, Rock & Roll, Punk, Heavy Metal, Alternative genres. It contains 36 tracks with total duration of 02:24:21 minutes.

Artist: The Clash
Release date: 1980
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, New Wave, Rock & Roll, Punk, Heavy Metal, Alternative
Tracks: 36
Duration: 02:24:21
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No. Title Length
1. The Magnificent Seven 5:32
2. Hitsville U.K. 4:21
3. Junco Partner 4:52
4. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 3:05
5. The Leader 1:42
6. Something About England 3:43
7. Rebel Waltz 3:26
8. Look Here 2:45
9. The Crooked Beat 5:28
10. Somebody Got Murdered 3:34
11. One More Time 3:31
12. One More Dub 3:35
13. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 4:50
14. Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) 4:32
15. Corner Soul 2:42
16. Let's Go Crazy 4:24
17. If Music Could Talk 4:36
18. The Sound of Sinners 4:01
19. Police On My Back 3:16
20. Midnight Log 2:09
21. The Equaliser 5:46
22. The Call Up 5:28
23. Washington Bullets 3:51
24. Broadway 5:48
25. Lose This Skin 5:08
26. Charlie Don't Surf 4:54
27. Mensforth Hill 3:41
28. Junkie Slip 2:49
29. Kingston Advice 2:37
30. The Street Parade 3:27
31. Version City 4:22
32. Living In Fame 4:50
33. Silicone On Sapphire 4:16
34. Version Pardner 5:23
35. Career Opportunities 2:30
36. Shepherds Delight 3:27



Sandinista! is what happens when a band is brave enough to fail — and then turns that failure inside out. At 36 tracks it's messy, brilliant, gorgeous, infuriating, necessary, and one would expect nothing less (and God help us, nothing more) from "the only band that matters." Dipping their fingers in every musical pie from gospel ("The Sound of Sinners") to disco ("Lightning Strikes"), Europop ("Hitsville U.K.") to Dadaist noise collage ("Silicone On Sapphire"), the Clash refused to edit themselves, named the album in tribute to Nicaraguan insurgents, and thumbed their noses at the expectations of fans and critics alike. The conventional wisdom is that there's a solid single album inside Sandinista!, just waiting to be let out. Don't believe it. There are some real missteps, but every last track is at the very least interesting: lyrically, musically, or just in terms of the sonic furniture. Trying to cherry-pick "the good ones" runs contrary to the messy, democratic spirit of the whole project. And besides, one person's necessity is another's throwaway is another's guilty pleasure. Just let go of all expectations, embrace the chaos, and actually listen.