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The Aristocrats (Original Soundtrack)


Download links and information about The Aristocrats (Original Soundtrack). This album was released in 2005 and it belongs to Theatre/Soundtrack, Humor genres. It contains 45 tracks with total duration of 01:13:35 minutes.

Release date: 2005
Genre: Theatre/Soundtrack, Humor
Tracks: 45
Duration: 01:13:35
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No. Title Length
1. The Joke 1 (Jay Marshall) 0:19
2. The Joke 2 (Pat Cooper) 1:14
3. The Singer Not the Song (George Carlin, Penn Jillette, Frank DiGiacomo) 2:15
4. How to Tell "The Aristocrats" (Various Artists) 4:18
5. Clean It Up (Jason Alexander) 0:57
6. The Art of the Joke 1 (George Carlin, Dana Gould, Allan Havey) 0:35
7. The Art of the Joke 2 (Paul Reiser) 0:56
8. The Art of the Joke 3 (Bobby Slayton) 0:35
9. The Art of the Joke (With Rick) (Rick Overton) 0:43
10. The Art of the Joke (With Jon) (Jon Ross) 1:02
11. The Art of the Joke (With Gregg) (Gregg Rogell) 0:39
12. The Family Dog (The Sophisticates) 2:56
13. Harder Than It Seems (With Richard) (Richard Jeni) 1:13
14. Harder Than It Seems (With Dana) (Dana Gould) 0:17
15. Harder Than It Seems (With Otto & George) (George, Otto) 2:11
16. An Apoplectic, Rhythmic Incantation (David Steinberg, Alan Kirschenbaum) 4:31
17. Made to Tell This Joke (Bob Saget) 2:45
18. Matter of Fact (George Carlin, Andy Dick, Paul Reiser) 1:28
19. Wait…There's More (Bob Saget) 2:36
20. Strap It On (Lisa Lampanelli, Rita Rudner, Judy Gold) 1:57
21. Make It Your Own (With Dana and Susie) (Dana Gould) 0:14
22. Make It Your Own (With Whoopi) (Whoopi Goldberg) 0:47
23. Make It Your Own (With Kevin) (Kevin Pollak) 4:50
24. To Hear the Differences (With Billy and Steven) (Steven Wright, Billy Connolly) 1:31
25. To Hear the Differences (With Wendy) (Wendy Liebman) 0:37
26. To Hear the Differences (With Martin) (Martin Mull) 1:54
27. You Have to Have a Go (With Billy, Jason, and Peter) (Jason Alexander, Billy Connolly) 4:17
28. You Have to Have a Go (With Howie) (Howie Mandel) 1:10
29. The Original (With David, Paul, and the Onion Staff) (David Brenner) 1:03
30. The Original (With Hank) (Hank Azaria) 1:53
31. That's Show Business (With Alan and Mario) (Mario Cantone, Alan Kirschenbaum) 1:08
32. That's Show Business with George and The Smothers Brothers (George Carlin) 2:58
33. That's Show Business with Drew (Drew Carey) 0:57
34. A Glimpse of the Divine (Sarah Silverman, Richard Jeni) 2:24
35. Outer Reaches of the Bell Curve (Taylor Negron & Wayne Cotter) 2:32
36. The World Has Changed with Bill and Whoopi (Whoopi Goldberg) 0:21
37. The World Has Changed with Lewis (Lewis Black) 1:40
38. Love Theme from the Aristocrats (The Royal Debonaires) 2:12
39. Race Baiting with Lisa, The Onion Staff, Otto & George (George, Otto, Lisa Lampanelli) 0:26
40. Race Baiting with Lisa (Lisa Lampanelli) 0:31
41. The Joke Is About Surprising Someone (George Carlin) 0:40
42. Across the Line (With Chuck, George and Taylor) (George Carlin, Chuck McCann) 0:22
43. Across the Line (With Dave, Doug and George) (George Carlin, Dave Thomas, Doug Stanhope) 1:59
44. The Aristocrats Do "The Aristocrats" (Various Artists) 3:38
45. Billy the Mime (Billy The Mime) 0:04