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Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers


Download links and information about Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers by The A - Bones. This album was released in 2004 and it belongs to Rock, Rock & Roll, Punk, Rockabilly, Alternative, Psychedelic genres. It contains 46 tracks with total duration of 01:52:29 minutes.

Artist: The A - Bones
Release date: 2004
Genre: Rock, Rock & Roll, Punk, Rockabilly, Alternative, Psychedelic
Tracks: 46
Duration: 01:52:29
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No. Title Length
1. Don't Need No Job 2:19
2. Questions I Can't Answer 2:31
3. The Worlds Greatest Sinner (feat. Timothy Carey) 3:15
4. Shanty Tramp 1:59
5. Bamboo Rock and Roll 2:19
6. Spooks-A-Poppin' Theme 2:23
7. Maintaining My Cool 1:45
8. She Said Yeah 1:36
9. Wah-Hey 2:35
10. Guess I'm Falling in Love 3:21
11. Baby Doll 2:05
12. Daddy Wants a Cold Beer 1:51
13. Louie Go Home 4:38
14. Hep Cat 2:12
15. I'm Snowed 2:37
16. Bad Boy 2:28
17. Take Up the Slack Daddy-O 2:39
18. Hekawi 1:41
19. Why Won't They Let Us Fall in Love 2:23
20. Monkey Man 2:40
21. A White T-Shirt and a Pink Carnation 2:15
22. Third Pint from the Sun 1:46
23. Free Beer for Life (Radio Spot) 1:15
24. We're Gonna Get Married (feat. The's) 2:25
25. Squat With Me Baby (feat. The Great Gaylord) 3:09
26. Do De Squat (feat. The Great Gaylord) 3:47
27. Judy (feat. Rudy Grayzell) 2:12
28. Why Why Why (feat. Rudy Grayzell) 2:38
29. You're Gone (feat. Rudy Grayzell) 1:57
30. One Mile (feat. Rudy Grayzell) 2:00
31. Mama Rock (feat. Johnny Powers) 1:59
32. New Spark (feat. Johnny Powers) 3:10
33. Stop It Baby (feat. Roy Loney) 2:15
34. You Know What You Can Do (feat. Roy Loney) 2:52
35. Jump Into the River (feat. Roy Loney) 2:40
36. Smoke Rings (feat. Roy Loney) 2:25
37. Made in the Shade (feat. Roy Loney) 1:30
38. Rock the Boat 3:11
39. Drive In 1:51
40. You Can't Beat It 2:10
41. All Night Long 1:39
42. Genocide 3:37
43. It's a Hard Life 4:12
44. The Only A*****e (Alone At the Dance) 2:23
45. Teenage Head (feat. Roy Loney) 3:21
46. Oh Canada 0:33



As a fan, I always figured that the A-Bones weren't trying to sound crude, sloppy and incoherent when they made records — it was just their good fortune that they turned out that way. A band well versed in the secret history of rock & roll that Rolling Stone isn't about to teach you, the A-Bones had the wisdom to realize that the Trashmen, Benny Joy and the Flamin' Groovies had a lot more to do with the fine art of Bringin' the Rock than, say, Eric Clapton, and they knew that healthy portions of noise, attitude and cold beer would only help them make the mighty sound. It's also worth noting that when they backed other folks (such as Johnny Powers or Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell), they could be a tight and rowdy rhythm section; it was when they were left to their own devices that they became the Kings (and Queen) of the Keg Party That Transcended All Boundaries, letting loose an unholy wail resembling a year's worth of Saturday nights. Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers is the A-Bones' 20th Anniversary "Tribute to Themselves," and hey, who better deserves the honor? Collecting two CD's worth of single sides, compilation tracks, live tapes and unreleased tunes (one of which is an actual new recording, with the's chiming in with backing vocals), Daddy Wants a Cold Beer features collaborations with such legendary artists as the abovementioned Powers and Grayzell, Timothy Carey, Roy Loney and the Great Gaylord (who, judging from "Squat With Me Baby" may be the finest bad singer of all time), along with enough frantic guitar bashing, sax wailing and percussion abuse to inspire dozens of noise complaints from your neighbors. The A-Bones were one band who knew how to have a good time, and while there are a whole lot of laughs on this set, this band was never a joke — they just knew that rock & roll with no sense of humor had no business calling itself that, and the A-Bones earned the right to call themselves a rock & roll band with heart, soul and guts every time they took the stand. Big fun, with hilarious liner notes and plenty of cool pictures rounding out the definitive A-Bones package.