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Stitt's Bits: The Bebop Recordings, 1949-1952


Download links and information about Stitt's Bits: The Bebop Recordings, 1949-1952 by Sonny Stitt. This album was released in 2006 and it belongs to Jazz, Bop genres. It contains 76 tracks with total duration of 03:41:02 minutes.

Artist: Sonny Stitt
Release date: 2006
Genre: Jazz, Bop
Tracks: 76
Duration: 03:41:02
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No. Title Length
1. Afternoon In Paris (Take 1) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:03
2. Afternoon In Paris (Take 2) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:01
3. Elora (Take 1) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:02
4. Elora (Take 2) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:08
5. Teapot (Take 1) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 2:41
6. Teapot (Take 2) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:02
7. Blue Mode (Take 1) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 3:44
8. Blue Mode (Take 2) (featuring Jay Johnson's Boppers) 2:49
9. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (featuring Bud Powell Quartet) 2:57
10. Sonny Side (featuring Bud Powell Quartet) 2:19
11. Bud's Blues (featuring Bud Powell Quartet) 2:32
12. Sunset (featuring Bud Powell Quartet) 3:45
13. Strike Up the Band (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:25
14. Strike Up the Band (Alternate) (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:50
15. I Want to Be Happy (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:10
16. Taking a Chance On Love (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:32
17. Fine and Dandy (Take 1) (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:40
18. Fine and Dandy (Take 2) (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:39
19. Avalon (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:28
20. Later (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:59
21. Ain't Misbehavin' (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:01
22. Mean to Me (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:06
23. Stairway to the Stars (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:15
24. Bye Bye (featuring Gene Ammons) 3:00
25. Let It Be (featuring Gene Ammons) 3:07
26. Blues Up and Down (Take 1) (featuring Gene Ammons) 1:28
27. Blues Up and Down (Take 2) (featuring Gene Ammons) 2:25
28. Blues Up and Down (Take 3) (featuring Gene Ammons) 2:40
29. You Can Depend On Me (Take 1) (featuring Gene Ammons) 2:52
30. You Can Depend On Me (Take 2) (featuring Gene Ammons) 2:51
31. Touch of the Blues (featuring Teddy Williams) 3:12
32. Dumb Woman Blues (featuring Teddy Williams) 2:50
33. Chabootie (featuring Gene Ammons) 3:04
34. Who Threw the Sleeping Pills In Rip Van Winkle's Coffee? (featuring Gene Ammons) 2:35
35. Gravy (A.K.A. Walkin') (featuring Gene Ammons) 3:03
36. Easy Glide (featuring Gene Ammons) 3:00
37. Count Every Star (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:02
38. Nice Work If You Can Get It (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:42
39. There Will Never Be Another You (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:35
40. Blazin' (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:26
41. Back In Your Own Back Yard (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 3:15
42. Sweet Jennie Lou (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:38
43. La Vie en Rose (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 3:05
44. Seven Eleven (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:56
45. To Think You've Chosen Me (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 3:02
46. After You've Gone (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:30
47. Our Very Own (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 3:10
48. 'S Wonderful (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:29
49. Stringin' the Jug (featuring Gene Ammons, Sonny Stitt Band) 5:07
50. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:50
51. Jeepers Creepers (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:54
52. Imagination (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:23
53. Cherokee 2:31
54. 'Round About One A.M. (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 3:01
55. Jug (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:48
56. Wow (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:52
57. Blue and Sentimental (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 3:08
58. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:46
59. Can't We Be Friends (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:39
60. New Blues Up and Down (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 5:06
61. The Thrill of Your Kiss (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:41
62. If the Moon Turns Green (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:43
63. P.S. I Love You (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 3:00
64. This Can't Be Love (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:46
65. Down With It (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:31
66. For the Fat Man (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:55
67. Splinter (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:39
68. Confessin' (featuring Sonny Stitt Quartet) 2:35
69. Undecided (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:38
70. (It Will Have to Do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:38
71. Because of Rain (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:46
72. Charmaine (featuring Gene Ammons Band) 2:58
73. Cool Mambo (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:38
74. Sonny Sounds (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:27
75. Blue Mambo (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:24
76. Stitt's It (featuring Sonny Stitt Band) 2:33



The rap on Sonny Stitt is that he was little more than an imitator of Charlie Parker, without a firm identity of his own. However, from the evidence of these early Stitt recordings — gathered together into a three-CD box — the first part of the rap doesn't quite ring true, though the second remains an open question. Stitt may have shared an occasional rhetorical turn or blindingly fast run with Bird — most tellingly on "S`Wonderful" — but definitely not his entire style. You can hear plenty of Lester Young influences on the tracks where he plays tenor sax, and many of the ballads preview the soulful inflections that would flourish when he joined the soul-jazz movement in the '60s. Moreover, aware of the Bird backlash, Stitt recorded the majority of these tracks on the tenor, with occasional sessions on the baritone and finally, about two-thirds of the way through the set, on alto. What we don't hear at this point in his career is a truly individual voice; at times, when he and Gene Ammons are dueling on tenors, it's difficult to tell the difference between them upon casual listening.

Not only are Stitt's own sessions included in this thorough survey, but also those where he was a co-leader with Ammons and Bud Powell, and a sometimes-non-soloing sideman for Ammons, J.J. Johnson, and the obscure Billy Eckstine-wannabe vocalist Teddy Williams. Above all, this box is a revealing look at the beginnings of the Prestige label just before Bob Weinstock learned how to exploit the potential of LP with open-ended blowing sessions. All of these tracks — including those designated as Parts 1 and 2 — were recorded to fit on a single side of a 10" 78 rpm record, as was still the custom of the time, and the neighborhood jukeboxes were definitely a target. Hence we hear Stitt not just as a high-minded — if by necessity, heavily self-edited — bebopper, but also as a participant in de facto period pop and R&B sessions. There are even some novelty numbers that tend to be ignored by history (how about a title like "Who Threw the Sleeping Pills in Rip Van Winkle's Coffee?" — with group vocals!). Even deep in the bop era, jazz musicians still made gestures toward whatever happened to be selling to the masses, voluntarily or not. Although there are no unreleased tunes or outtakes, several tracks make their first CD appearances here, and three (including the notorious "Van Winkle") are being heard for the first time since the 78 era. ~ Richard S. Ginell, Rovi