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Voices from the Distant Steppe


Download links and information about Voices from the Distant Steppe by Shu - De. This album was released in 1994 and it belongs to World Music genres. It contains 16 tracks with total duration of 49:36 minutes.

Artist: Shu - De
Release date: 1994
Genre: World Music
Tracks: 16
Duration: 49:36
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No. Title Length
1. Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa (Styles Of Throat-Singing) 4:43
2. Aian Dudal (Songs Of Devotion And Praise) 2:36
3. Beezhinden (Coming Back From Beijing) 2:28
4. Buura 2:45
5. Durgen Chugaa (Tongue Twisters) 3:58
6. Throat-Singing And Igil (Untitled) 2:19
7. Yraazhy Kys (The Singing Girl) 1:22
8. Shyngyr-Shyngyr 1:33
9. Baian-Dudai 0:48
10. Khomus Solo (Jaw's Harp Solo) 2:19
11. Meen Khemchim (My Kemchik River) 3:34
12. Opei Yry (A Lullaby) 3:29
13. Tyva-Uriankhai 5:50
14. Chashpy-Khem (The River Chashpy) 3:06
15. Kadarchynyng Yry (The Nomad Song) 3:01
16. Kham (Shaman Ritual) 5:45



With their extraordinary harmonic-whistle vocal techniques, Tuvans could well be the next sampling craze. From the Central Asian country reputedly settled by the descendants of Genghis Khan, folk group Shu-de accompany songs derived from shamanistic rituals with instruments whose sounds are as irreproducible as the vocals, including two-stringed igil fiddle and doshpuluur lute, a particularly articulate khomus jaw's harp, and a variety of drums and rattles. The wildness of these songs evokes centuries of accommodation to a demanding landscape, but tongue-twister "Durgen Chugaa" goes even further to verify prehistoric associations with a Popeye the Sailor cult.