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50 Greatest Hits Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Download links and information about 50 Greatest Hits Rahat Fateh Ali Khan by Rahat Ali Khan. This album was released in 2001 and it belongs to World Music genres. It contains 50 tracks with total duration of 08:14:39 minutes.

Artist: Rahat Ali Khan
Release date: 2001
Genre: World Music
Tracks: 50
Duration: 08:14:39
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No. Title Length
1. Main Tenu 4:46
2. Aman Ki Asha 1:59
3. Kinna Sohna Tainu 8:00
4. Kisi Roz Milo 6:12
5. Akhiyan Udeek Diyan 13:43
6. Allah Hoo 8:12
7. Mukhde Ton Chuke Je Naqab 4:22
8. Maine Use Dekha Hai 5:24
9. Mere Dil Ki Duniya Mein 6:58
10. Mere Dil Wich Sohna Yaar Wase 14:06
11. Mere Yaara Mainu Apni Kar Lai 6:00
12. Raaton Ko Chain Se Na Soya Karenge Aap 14:10
13. Rabba Ve Mera Yaar Modh De 15:06
14. Rut Saawan Di 6:48
15. Sada Rahna Naam Rab Da 15:05
16. Sajna Main Ghama De Azaab Wich 7:11
17. Janiyan Pyar Diyan Yaadan 8:28
18. Kaag udawan Shagan Manawan 15:05
19. Kal Raat Tumhare Hothon Ki 7:37
20. Khat Yeh Tumhara 5:53
21. Likh Bhi Lo Apne Dil Pe 7:03
22. Maahi Janda Hoya Lai Gaya Haasey 14:18
23. Ya Nabi Ya Nabi 14:47
24. Yaadan Vichhrey Sajan Diyan Aayian 8:15
25. Allah Jal E Shaan 14:23
26. Bheegi Bheegi Raat 7:55
27. Dil Tutne Te Kambni Khudai 6:04
28. Aa Ke Teri Gali 11:31
29. Aamde Mustafa Marhaba 15:56
30. Aankh Se Aankh Milao 15:16
31. Aggan Hijr Tere Ne laayian 16:18
32. Dus Tu Ki E Yaar 14:25
33. Husn Waley Husn Per Tu 8:23
34. Itni Jalde Kiya Nahin Karte 7:23
35. Jaane Ya Ali Ali Ali 15:02
36. Pardesia 8:02
37. Tere Nain Sohniye 6:04
38. Maine Botal Se Karni Hai Shaadi 15:05
39. Nach Malanga 15:08
40. Nazar Se Nazar Tum 6:25
41. Nit Khair Manga Sohneya 8:16
42. Sohne Roop Da Nahin 6:13
43. Tera Buha Nahin Chhadna 14:02
44. Yaar Da Makaan 15:09
45. Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave 8:37
46. Sanu Rog Laun Waleya 8:21
47. Sohna Baba Mera 12:16
48. Kisi Roz Milo (Indian Mix) 4:33
49. Man Bawra 6:29
50. Ore Bande 7:55



Qawwali, the driving devotional music of Pakistani and Indian Sufism, grew out of an infusion of North Indian music with Central Asian and Persian texts some 700 years ago. Slamming hand percussion, staccato hand clapping, bellowing hand-pumped keyboard harmoniums, and the atmospheric vocals of qawwali lead vocalists are among the characteristic sounds of this robust religious genre. Qawwali's intended effect is the elevating of listener and performer alike into mystical realms of spiritual and ecstatic enlightenment. Perhaps the greatest qawwali singer ever was Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He charmed throngs of fans around the globe with his Herculean vocals. Following his death in 1997, the responsibility of carrying his qawwali legacy forward was passed onto nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. In fulfilling the wishes of his dearly departed superstar uncle, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan become the head of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's band and adopted his first name in a traditional gesture of respect. Thanks to the many years of expert training he received from his uncle, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan projects his voice with power, precision, and dexterity. With his debut U.S. release on the American Recording Company, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan presents this vocal mastery and emotive power in the form of four rapturous songs. From shrill clarion pitches and soothing low tones, to notes of panoramic length and intricately reticulated rhythmic recitations, Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's singing is every bit as imaginative as it is traditional. An extraordinary ensemble, consisting of a phenomenal chorus, thumping tabla players, and brilliant harmonium players, all come together and backup Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's celestial vocals. From the rapidly descending tabla roll that kicks off the CD, to Rahat's soaring vocals on the last track, this release is ecstatic through and through. First-rate production techniques, compliments of American exec and Def Jam founder Rick Rubin, boosts Rahat's already potent sound by mixing the tabla way up in front. An incredibly resonant CD that sways between peaceful passages and climatic cadences, this Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan release should enrapture music lovers of all kinds. No matter what your background may be, Rahat's robust incantations may just catch you off guard, propelling you into a realm of spiritual discovery.