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Passion (2013 New York Cast Recording)


Download links and information about Passion (2013 New York Cast Recording). This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 42 tracks with total duration of 01:20:50 minutes.

Release date: 2013
Genre: Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 42
Duration: 01:20:50
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No. Title Length
1. Happiness (Rebecca Luker) 6:06
2. "Ah, Captain Bachetti..." (Stephen Bogardus) 0:48
3. First Letter (Rebecca Luker) 0:23
4. "That's Signora Fosca Playing..." (Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman) 0:49
5. Second Letter (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 0:21
6. "Don't Be Alarmed..." (Stephen Bogardus) 0:39
7. Third Letter (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 0:37
8. "Late for Breakfast, Captain Bachetti..." (Ryan Silverman) 0:33
9. Fourth Letter (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 0:56
10. I Read (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 5:03
11. "How Very Kind..." (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 0:32
12. Transition ("How Can I Describe Her?") (Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman) 1:07
13. Garden Sequence (Judy Kuhn, Rebecca Luker, Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 5:59
14. Transition ("All the Time I Watched from My Room...") (Judy Kuhn, Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 2:18
15. Fifth Letter (Judy Kuhn, Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 2:38
16. "I Hope We Can Still Take Hands..." (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 1:24
17. Three Weeks (Rebecca Luker) 0:57
18. "Signora Fosca Has Taken a Turn for the Worse..." (Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 1:10
19. "I Never Thought You Would Come..." (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 3:15
20. I Wish I Could Forget You (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 3:24
21. Soldiers' Gossip I (Passion Company) 1:09
22. Flashback (Judy Kuhn, Stephen Bogardus, Jeffry Denman, Ryan Silverman, Ken Krugman) 7:49
23. Sunrise Letter (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 1:44
24. "Are You Running Away from Me?" (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 0:50
25. Is This What You Call Love? (Ryan Silverman) 1:39
26. Soldiers' Gossip II (Passion Company) 0:41
27. Nightmare (Passion Company) 0:38
28. "She Was Dragging Me Down..." (Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 0:51
29. Transition ("To Feel a Woman's Touch...") (Orville Mendoza) 0:42
30. Forty Days (Rebecca Luker) 0:46
31. "How Dare You Follow Me?!" (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 2:09
32. Loving You (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 1:55
33. Soldiers' Gossip III (Passion Company) 0:34
34. Milan (Rebecca Luker) 0:55
35. "I'm Only Staying Four Days..." (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 2:01
36. Christmas Music (Ken Krugman) 0:41
37. "Thank You for Coming, Captain..." (Judy Kuhn, Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman) 1:05
38. Farewell Letter (Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman) 3:47
39. "I Discovered This Letter at My Cousin's Bedside..." (Judy Kuhn, Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 1:10
40. No One Has Ever Loved Me (Judy Kuhn, Ryan Silverman) 4:24
41. Duel (Stephen Bogardus, Ryan Silverman, Tom Nelis) 1:42
42. Finale (Judy Kuhn, Rebecca Luker, Ryan Silverman, Passion Company) 4:39