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The 40 Ounce Album


Download links and information about The 40 Ounce Album by On One. This album was released in 2005 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Rap genres. It contains 31 tracks with total duration of 01:36:29 minutes.

Artist: On One
Release date: 2005
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Rap
Tracks: 31
Duration: 01:36:29
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No. Title Length
1. V-Town Anthem (Jay Tee, Mac Dre, Da Unda Dogg, Young Dru, Suspec (featuring Mac Dre, Da' Unda' Dogg, Jay-Tee, Young Dru, Suspects) 3:47
2. Dope For Sale (N2DEEP) (featuring N2Deep) 3:32
3. What Would You Do? (Clicka 1, Don Cisco) (featuring Don Cisco, Clicka 1) 3:42
4. Gimme The Money (Obie Trice) (featuring Obie Trice) 3:10
5. When Our S**t Drops (Arsen, Mista Kane) (featuring Kokane, Arsen) 2:54
6. Tonight (Balance) (featuring Balance) 3:06
7. Not F****n' With You (Young Dru, Young Sal, Savvy) (featuring Savvy, Young Dru, Young Sal) 2:55
8. I Need To Know (Jay Tee, Dutch, B-12) (featuring The Dutch, Jay-Tee, B-12) 3:17
9. Green On Mine (M-Dash, Stizon Skrilla) (featuring M-Dash, Stizon Skrilla) 1:51
10. What's Shakin' (Sean T, Mr. Sandman) (featuring Sean T, Mr. Sandman) 2:02
11. The Big Bay (Turf Talk, Kaveo, Jay Tee, Celly Cel, Mugzi, Young (featuring Turf Talk, Celly Cel, Mugzi, Jay-Tee, Young Dru, Kaveo) 4:45
12. My Glock (B-12) (featuring B-12) 2:28
13. Baby (Playa Rae) (featuring Playa Rae) 2:07
14. How We Roll (B-12, I-Rocc, Smigg Dirtee) (featuring I Rocc, Smigg Dirtee, B-12) 3:56
15. Now You Know (Luni Coleone, Damu, Ecay Uno) (featuring Damu, Luni Coleone, Ecay Uno) 3:57
16. Die Or Get Rolled On (Young Dru) (featuring Young Dru) 2:50
17. We Love Gangsta S**t (Fidel Castro, Young Dru, Mully Mak, B-12) (featuring Castro Fidel, B-12, Young Dru, Mully Mak) 3:46
18. Enjoy Your Stay (Dela Vega) (featuring Dela Vega) 3:12
19. 2' Oclock (Young Dru, Jay Tee ) (featuring Jay-Tee, Young Dru) 3:14
20. Cross Roads (Reek Daddy) (featuring Reek Daddy) 2:08
21. Real Spit (Cool Nutz, Jay Tee) (featuring Cool Nutz, Jay-Tee) 3:04
22. Hell Now (Errelevent, 10sion) (featuring 10Sion, Errelevent) 2:52
23. Golden State Savages (Free Agents) (featuring Free Agents) 3:05
24. That's The Noise (A-Team) (featuring A - Team) 3:08
25. She Screams (Weet Dog) (featuring Weet Dog) 2:38
26. Raise It Up (Raskal, Sykk 1, J-Bone) (featuring Raskal, Sykk 1, J-Bone) 3:24
27. Money Circulatin' (Doff Capone, Baby Bash, Miami) (featuring Baby Bash, Miami, Doff Capone) 4:28
28. Before You Was A Man (A-Wax) (featuring A - Wax) 1:42
29. If You Wanna Go (Jay Tee, Mugzi, Young Dru) (featuring Mugzi, Jay-Tee, Young Dru) 3:33
30. Still Broke (B-12, Chille Powdah, I-Rocc, Smigg Dirtee) (featuring I Rocc, Smigg Dirtee, B-12, Chille Powdah) 3:12
31. Outside The Club (Jay Tee) (featuring Jay-Tee) 2:44