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Bliss: A Knot of Riddles & Other Songs


Download links and information about Bliss: A Knot of Riddles & Other Songs by Nash Ensemble, Martyn Brabbins. This album was released in 2000 and it belongs to genres. It contains 54 tracks with total duration of 02:02:00 minutes.

Artist: Nash Ensemble, Martyn Brabbins
Release date: 2000
Tracks: 54
Duration: 02:02:00
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No. Title Length
1. A Knot of Riddles: I. Fish in River (featuring Henry Herford) 3:06
2. A Knot of Riddles: II. Swallows (featuring Henry Herford) 1:18
3. A Knot of Riddles: III. An Oyster (featuring Henry Herford) 1:45
4. A Knot of Riddles: IV. A Weather Cock (featuring Henry Herford) 2:13
5. A Knot of Riddles: V. A Bookworm, "Hommage modeste à Maurice Ravel" (featuring Henry Herford) 1:53
6. A Knot of Riddles: VI. A Cross of Wood (featuring Henry Herford) 3:00
7. A Knot of Riddles: VII. Sun and Moon (featuring Henry Herford) 3:05
8. Three Romantic Songs: I. The Hare (featuring Toby Spence) 1:37
9. Three Romantic Songs: II. Lovelocks (featuring Toby Spence) 2:08
10. Three Romantic Songs: III. The Buckle (featuring Toby Spence) 1:18
11. A Christmas Carol (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, John Lenehan, Leo Phillips) 1:57
12. Sea Love (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, Leo Phillips) 1:51
13. Vocalise (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, Leo Phillips) 1:57
14. The Mad Woman of Punnet's Town (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, John Lenehan, Leo Phillips) 1:04
15. Seven American Poems: I. Gone, Gone Again Is Summer (featuring Henry Herford) 2:04
16. Seven American Poems: II. Siege (featuring Henry Herford) 1:11
17. Seven American Poems: III. Feast (featuring Henry Herford) 1:45
18. Seven American Poems: IV. Little Elegy (featuring Henry Herford) 1:46
19. Seven American Poems: V. Rain Comes Down (featuring Henry Herford) 2:06
20. Seven American Poems: VI. Fair Annet's Song (featuring Henry Herford) 1:16
21. Seven American Poems: VII. Being Young and Green (featuring Henry Herford) 1:01
22. Two American Poems: I. Humoresque (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 2:00
23. Two American Poems: II. The Return from Town (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:13
24. Three Songs: I. Thunderstorms (featuring Toby Spence) 2:05
25. Three Songs: II. This Night (featuring Toby Spence) 3:24
26. Three Songs: III. Leisure (featuring Toby Spence) 1:23
27. Two Love Songs: I. Fair Is My Love (featuring Henry Herford) 4:27
28. Two Love Songs: II. In Praise of His Daphnis (featuring Henry Herford) 4:11
29. The Tramps (featuring Henry Herford) 2:11
30. When I Was One-and-Twenty (featuring Henry Herford) 1:17
31. Two Nursery Rhymes: I. The Ragwort (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, John Lenehan, Michael Collins) 1:33
32. Two Nursery Rhymes: II. The Dandelion (featuring Geraldine McGreevy, Michael Collins) 1:26
33. Elegiac Sonnet (featuring Toby Spence) 8:20
34. Angels of the Mind: I. Worry About Money (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 2:47
35. Angels of the Mind: II. Lenten Flowers (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:59
36. Angels of the Mind: III. Harvest (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:21
37. Angels of the Mind: IV. Seed (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 2:45
38. Angels of the Mind: V. In the Beck (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 2:40
39. Angels of the Mind: VI. Storm (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:18
40. Angels of the Mind: VII. Nocturne (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 3:49
41. The Tempest (featuring Toby Spence, Henry Herford) 6:57
42. The Ballads of the Four Seasons: I. Spring (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:58
43. The Ballads of the Four Seasons: II. Summer (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:40
44. The Ballads of the Four Seasons: III. Autumn (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 2:22
45. The Ballads of the Four Seasons: IV. Winter (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:44
46. The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House (featuring Toby Spence) 2:55
47. Rich Or Poor (featuring Henry Herford) 1:58
48. A Child's Prayer (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:40
49. Three Jolly Gentlemen (featuring Geraldine McGreevy) 1:06
50. The Hammers (featuring Toby Spence) 1:36
51. Simples (featuring Toby Spence) 3:20
52. 'Tis Time, I Think, by Wenlock Town (featuring Toby Spence) 2:24
53. At the Window (featuring Toby Spence) 1:17
54. Auvergnat (featuring Toby Spence) 1:33