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The Beginning of Doves


Download links and information about The Beginning of Doves by Marc Bolan. This album was released in 1974 and it belongs to Rock, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Rock & Roll, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic genres. It contains 37 tracks with total duration of 01:17:34 minutes.

Artist: Marc Bolan
Release date: 1974
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Rock & Roll, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic
Tracks: 37
Duration: 01:17:34
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No. Title Length
1. Jasper C. Debussy 2:08
2. Hippy Gumbo (Bonus Track) 2:04
3. Misfit (Bonus Track) 1:52
4. The Lilac Hand of Menthol Dan 1:52
5. Black and White Incident 1:43
6. Jasmine '49 2:25
7. Cat Black 1:20
8. You Got the Power 1:48
9. Eastern Spell 1:27
10. Charlie 1:54
11. I'm Weird (Bonus Track) 1:18
12. Pictures of Purple People 2:19
13. Horrible Breath 1:44
14. Hippy Gumbo (Alternative Version) 1:53
15. Mustang Ford 1:39
16. Hot Rod Mama (Bonus Track) 2:35
17. Observations (Bonus Track) 2:17
18. The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith 1:53
19. Rings of Fortune (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:34
20. Sarah Crazy Child (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 3:14
21. Lunacy's Back (Bonus Track) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:33
22. Misty Mist (Highways) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 1:29
23. Beyond the Rising Sun (Bonus Track) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:48
24. One Inch Rock (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:14
25. Sleepy Maurice (Bonus Track) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:51
26. Jasper C. Debussy (Bonus Track) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:24
27. Hot Rod Mama (Alternative Version) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:56
28. The Beginning of Doves (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 1:44
29. Sally Was an Angel (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 1:50
30. Lunacy's Back (Alternative Version) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:18
31. Beyond the Rising Sun (Alternative Version) (featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex) 2:13
32. Observations (Alternative Version ) [With Two Pianos] {Bonus Track} 2:13
33. Hippy Gumbo (2nd Alternative Version) [Different Vox & Mi] {Bonus Track} 1:54
34. Misfit (Alternative Version) [Working Version] {Bonus Track} 1:56
35. Jasper C. Debussy (Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track] 2:05
36. Observations (2nd Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track] 2:11
37. Hippy Gumbo (3rd Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track] 1:56



In 1972, a clutch of incomplete demos and outtakes were unearthed from Marc Bolan's mid-'60s vault and sent into the world as the (hastily withdrawn) Hard on Love album. Two years later, Track Record released the proceedings as Beginning of Doves. The tracks comprise both sides of the 1966 "Hippy Gumbo" single, the projected follow-up "Jasper C. Debussy," and a series of largely unaccompanied demos recorded by Bolan and producer Simon Napier-Bell during one breathless session at London's Kingsway Studios in October 1966. One then leaps ahead to the following fall, for songs taped over two separate demo sessions by Bolan and his T. Rex partner Steve Peregrine-Took.