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Download links and information about Auterretratos by Luís Eduardo Aute / Luis Eduardo Aute. This album was released in 2003 and it belongs to Latin genres. It contains 32 tracks with total duration of 02:07:52 minutes.

Artist: Luís Eduardo Aute / Luis Eduardo Aute
Release date: 2003
Genre: Latin
Tracks: 32
Duration: 02:07:52
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No. Title Length
1. Aleluya Nº 1 4:37
2. Pasaba por Aqui 2:52
3. No Se Qué C**o Me Pasa Hoy 5:23
4. Anda 3:17
5. No Te Desnudes Todavía 4:13
6. De Tripas Corazón 4:56
7. Vailima 6:00
8. De Alguna Manera 3:32
9. A por el Mar 4:23
10. Volver a Verte 3:47
11. Hafa Cafe 4:33
12. Mojándolo Todo 4:57
13. Una de Dos 4:00
14. Queda la Música 3:44
15. Cada Vez Que Me Amas 4:16
16. Al Alba 4:01
17. La Belleza 3:53
18. Cine, Cine 3:19
19. Rosas en el Mar 2:34
20. Dos o Tres Segundos de Ternura 5:08
21. De Paso 5:01
22. El Universo 5:09
23. Siento Que Te Estoy Perdiendo 4:58
24. Sin Tu Latido 4:41
25. Con un Beso por Fusil 3:38
26. Anda Suelto Satanás 2:14
27. Las Cuatro y Diez 2:37
28. Dentro 3:01
29. Slowly 5:39
30. Albanta 4:18
31. Autotango del Cantautor 1:40
32. Recordándote 1:31



Being both a singer and painter, it's not surprising that Luis Eduardo Aute has derived the title of his album Auterretratos from the word "autorretratos" (self-portraits). So Aute takes on the role of a self-portrait painter, revisiting some of his older tunes in order to re-create them. This double CD includes 32 songs from different times in his career. "Aleluya Número 1" is from his 1968 debut, Diálogos de Rodrigo y Gimena, while "Mojándolo Todo" comes from one of his later works, 1996's Alevosía. Many of his most wonderful songs are showcased — "Anda," "La Belleza," "No Te Desnudes Todavía," and "Hafa Café," to mention just a few. The musical treatment is austere but not plain, and the diverse arrangements of the original recordings have been surrendered in favor of a consistent lushness. The music on Auterretratos holds up undeniably well. It works perfectly for fans, but also for newcomers. Fans will find a new light in the well-known songs, while those unacquainted with his work will learn that Aute is a very talented songwriter who has delivered some great melodies and tunes. This album is a remarkable summation of his talent. ~ Iván Adaime, Rovi