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Download links and information about Kleenex/Liliput by Liliput. This album was released in 1982 and it belongs to Rock, Punk, Alternative genres. It contains 46 tracks with total duration of 02:17:22 minutes.

Artist: Liliput
Release date: 1982
Genre: Rock, Punk, Alternative
Tracks: 46
Duration: 02:17:22
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No. Title Length
1. Nighttoad 3:07
2. Madness 3:03
3. Krimi 1:39
4. 1978 1:09
5. Beri-Beri 2:07
6. Ain't You 3:03
7. Hedi's Head 2:12
8. Nice 2:27
9. You 3:19
10. Ü 2:33
11. Split 2:00
12. Die Matrosen 3:49
13. Hitch-Hike 2:38
14. DC-10 3:28
15. Thumblerdoll 2:51
16. Igel 1:41
17. Türk 2:50
18. Tisko 1:52
19. Wig-Wam 3:01
20. Eisiger Wind 3:28
21. When the Cat's Away 2:17
22. I Had a Dream 3:10
23. Turn the Table 4:35
24. Dolly Dollar 3:07
25. Do You Mind My Dream 3:57
26. In a Mess 3:49
27. Birdy 2:57
28. Feels Like Snakes Twisting Through the Fog 2:42
29. Tschik-Mo 3:36
30. Outburst 3:59
31. Umamm 2:24
32. Might Is Right 2:30
33. Like or Lump It 2:30
34. Ichor 2:40
35. Tong Tong 2:59
36. The Jatz 3:16
37. You Did It 3:38
38. Ring-A-Ding-Dong 4:17
39. A Silver Key Can Open an Iron Lock Somewhere 3:37
40. Your's Is Mine 3:09
41. Blue is All in a Rush 3:47
42. Terrified 3:38
43. Étoile 3:18
44. On Streets Without Names 3:11
45. Boatsong 3:58
46. His Head All Red 2:04



You can bet that a karaoke version of LiLiPUT's first full-length will never see the light of day. It's an exciting and ultimately accessible amalgam of crazy rhythms and impossible-to-replicate vocalisms. The recording found the band as a trio, having lost a drummer and a saxophonist. Only Astrid Spirit, Klaudia Schiff, and Marlene Marder remained, sharing all of the duties. Aside from the airy "Might Is Right" and the relatively forceful "Like or Lump It," there's hardly any prominent guitar. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't hear guitar unless you were specifically hunting for it in the mix, because it makes for just as much of a percussive element as the drums. Generally, they pound out a loping rhythm and chant unintelligible phrases, adding the occasional violin shriek or unidentifiable nuance. This method strikes gold with each attempt. "Do You Mind My Dream" snarls and swoops; the guitar is just as effectively plucky and trebly as the one found on Liquid Liquid's "Optimo" and Talking Heads' "I Zimbra." Spirit's squeaky vocals highlight "In a Mess" and "Tong Tong," both of which could be mistaken for New York funksters ESG. "Outburst" could be the best example of LiLiPUT's greatness, with a jumpy bassline and the most animalistic of vocal gestures. Spirit "ugh"s in time with the one-two bass punch as if she were being karate chopped in the gut. At other points during the song, she alternates between "proper" singing and helium ingestion, breaking that up with hyena-like noises. LiLiPUT actually gets more experimental than that. "Birdy" is a nails-on-chalkboard violin instrumental, gradually gathering steam until hitting overload. "Umamm," another instrumental, offers little more than tribal drums. Thanks to the similarly titled compilation, the album is available in its entirety.