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Latin DJ All Stars


Download links and information about Latin DJ All Stars. This album was released in 2014 and it belongs to Salsa, Latin genres. It contains 83 tracks with total duration of 04:57:26 minutes.

Release date: 2014
Genre: Salsa, Latin
Tracks: 83
Duration: 04:57:26
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No. Title Length
1. Wata Wasuri (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Tito Puente) 3:20
2. Chinito Boogaloo (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Cortijo, Su Bonche) 4:03
3. Rush Hour in Hong Kong (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Louie Ramirez) 6:12
4. Shades of Time (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Roberto Roena) 4:13
5. Coco Seco (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Bobby Valentín / Bobby Valentin) 3:35
6. Mi Mambo Conga (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Eddie Palmieri) 2:48
7. Ya Yi Ki (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Johnny Colón / Johnny Colon) 3:23
8. Mambo de Bataan (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Joe Bataan) 4:45
9. Latin Soul Drive Is Here (Progreso del Alma Latina) [Selected by Gilles Peterson] (Chollo Rivera) 3:38
10. Tighten Up (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Al Escobar) 2:50
11. Freak Off (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Orchestra Harlow) 3:28
12. Acid (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Ray Barretto) 5:05
13. Saona (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Noro Morales) 2:41
14. Lluvia Con Nieve (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Erfain) 2:57
15. Sandstorm (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Charlie Palmieri) 4:13
16. Last Tango in Paris (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Willie Rosario) 4:41
17. Mambo Moderno (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Vladimir And His Orchestra) 4:33
18. Vitamina (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Kako's New York After Hours Orchestra) 6:15
19. El Molestoso (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Eddie Palmieri) 2:40
20. El Rey del Timbal (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Tito Puente) 3:11
21. The Oracle (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Sabu Martinez) 4:53
22. Manteca (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Alegre All Stars) 7:23
23. La Odisea de Tito (Selected by Gilles Peterson) (Tito Puente) 5:39
24. Ali Baba (Selected by DJ Format) (Louie Ramirez) 2:59
25. Right On (Selected by DJ Format) (Ray Barretto) 1:44
26. Jive Samba (Selected by DJ Format) (Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra, Gerry Woo) 3:00
27. Black & Blue (Negros y Azules) [Selected by DJ Format] (Chollo Rivera, The Latin Soul Drives) 2:32
28. Creation (Selected by DJ Format) (The Latinaires) 3:38
29. Dance, Dance (Selected by DJ Format) (The Lebron Brothers Orchestra) 1:19
30. Kool It (Here Comes the Fuzz) [Selected by DJ Format] (Jimmy Sabater) 1:58
31. Society (Selected by DJ Format) (The Latinaires) 2:02
32. New York Soul (Selected by DJ Format) (Ray Barretto) 2:19
33. Johnny on the Warpath (Selected by DJ Format) (Tequila Brass, Johnny Rivera) 2:00
34. Be's That Way (Selected by DJ Format) (Willie Bobo) 2:19
35. Freak Off (Selected by DJ Format) (Orchestra Harlow) 2:44
36. Peter, Peter (Selected by DJ Format) (Pete Bonet) 2:19
37. Come and Get It (Selected by DJ Format) (Ralph Robles) 2:13
38. You Need Help (Selected by DJ Format) (Monguito Santamaria) 2:02
39. Don't Squeeze the Peaches (Selected by DJ Format) (Jack Costanzo & His Orchestra, Gerry Woo) 2:39
40. Come and Get It (Selected by DJ Format) (Cal Tjader, Eddie Palmieri) 2:03
41. Monkey See, Monkey Do (Selected by DJ Format) (The New Swing Sextet) 2:46
42. Lazy Boogaloo (Selected by DJ Format) (George Guzman) 2:07
43. Happy Soul With a Hook (Selected by DJ Format) (Dave Cortez) 2:14
44. Safari (Selected by DJ Format) (Tito Puente) 2:12
45. Electric Latin Soul (Selected by DJ Format) (Flash & The Dynamics) 3:21
46. Harlem River Drive Theme (Selected by DJ Format) (Harlem River Drive) 3:15
47. Salsa Suite , Pt. 3 (New York 1950's & 1960's) [Selected by DJ Muro] (Orchestra Harlow) 2:50
48. Latin Roots (Selected by DJ Muro) (Orchestra Harlow) 4:37
49. Smoke (Selected by DJ Muro) (Fania All Stars) 4:00
50. Stand (Selected by DJ Muro) (Harvey Averne) 1:28
51. My Daddy's Farm (Selected by DJ Muro) (Frankie Dante Cerda) 3:47
52. Young Gifted and Brown (Selected by DJ Muro) (Joe Bataan) 2:29
53. Johnny's No Good (Selected by DJ Muro) (Joe Bataan) 3:04
54. Lucretia the Cat (Selected by DJ Muro) (Ray Barretto) 4:06
55. Prepara (Selected by DJ Muro) (Fania All Stars) 1:17
56. Jesse's Theme (Selected by DJ Muro) (Fania All Stars) 1:13
57. Guasasa (Selected by DJ Muro) (Fania All Stars) 1:39
58. Mind Blowing Decisión (Selected by DJ Muro) (Jimmy Sabater) 3:00
59. Fania All Stars Cha Cha Cha (Selected by DJ Muro) (Fania All Stars) 1:38
60. Our World (Selected by DJ Muro) (Larry Harlow) 4:14
61. On Our Way to Tomorrow (Selected by DJ Muro) (Seguida) 2:54
62. Afro Hustle (Selected by DJ Muro) (Lou Pérez Y Su Charanga / Lou Perez Y Su Charanga) 2:24
63. Volveré Algún Día (Selected by DJ Muro) (Andy Harlow) 3:22
64. After Midnight (Selected by DJ Muro) (Bobby Rodriguez) 3:49
65. Fever (Selected by DJ Muro) (La Lupe) 2:33
66. The Return of Cochise (Selected by DJ Muro) (Lenni Sesar) 3:35
67. Tin Tin Deo (Selected by DJ Muro) (Ray Barretto) 2:01
68. Get It All (Selected by DJ Muro) (Richie Ray, Bobby Cruz) 3:06
69. Steady (Fijo) [Selected by DJ Muro] (Fania All Stars) 1:33
70. NYC Blues Night (Selected by DJ Muro) (Seguida) 3:23
71. Intro (Various Artists) 0:16
72. I Like It Like That (Aaron Jerome Remix) (Pete Rodriguez) 6:29
73. Happy Soul With a Hook (DJ Format Remix) (Dave Cortez, The Moon People) 3:09
74. Mi Gente (Louie Vega EOL Remix) (Héctor Lavoe / Hector Lavoe) 11:35
75. Plástico (Bugz In The Attic Remix) (Ruben Blades, Willie Colón / Willie Colon) 6:08
76. Saona (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix) (Noro Morales) 7:14
77. Aléjate (Joaquin "Joe" Claussel Sacred Rhythm Remix) (Héctor Lavoe / Hector Lavoe) 10:39
78. O Elefante (SHH Remix) (Ray Barretto) 8:39
79. Take Five (Nicola Conte Remix) (Roberto Roena) 5:20
80. Boogaloo de Johnny (Quantic Remix) (Johnny Pacheco) 4:15
81. I Didn't Want to Have to Do It (4 Hero Remix) (Ralfi Pagan) 6:38
82. Morris Park (Bondé de Role Remix) (Lenni Sesar) 2:57
83. Fever (Sinden Remix) (La Lupe) 3:54