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Download links and information about Gold by Kool & The Gang. This album was released in 2005 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Disco, Pop, Funk genres. It contains 31 tracks with total duration of 02:18:55 minutes.

Artist: Kool & The Gang
Release date: 2005
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Soul, Rock, Disco, Pop, Funk
Tracks: 31
Duration: 02:18:55
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No. Title Length
1. Kool & the Gang 2:56
2. Kools Back Again 2:54
3. Let the Music Take Your Mind (Single Version) 2:57
4. Funky Man (Single Version) 3:09
5. Who's Gonna Take the Weight (Parts 1 & 2) [Live] 6:22
6. Love the Life You Live (Parts 1 & 2) 5:39
7. Funky Stuff 3:00
8. Jungle Boogie 3:03
9. Hollywood Swinging 4:36
10. Higher Plane 4:57
11. Rhyme Tyme People 3:19
12. Summer Madness 4:19
13. Spirit of the Boogie 4:52
14. Caribbean Festival (Edit Version) 7:33
15. Love and Understanding (Come Together) 7:50
16. Open Sesame (Part 1) 3:48
17. Ladies Night (Single Version) 3:27
18. Too Hot 5:03
19. Celebration 4:58
20. Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It) 4:01
21. Get Down On It 4:50
22. Big Fun (Single Version) 3:49
23. Let's Go Dancin' (Ohh La, la La) 6:40
24. Joanna (Single Version) 3:58
25. Tonight (AOR Mix) 4:12
26. Misled (Single Version) 4:05
27. Fresh (Single Version) 3:47
28. Cherish (12" Version) 5:40
29. Emergency 5:15
30. Victory 4:02
31. Stone Love 3:54



Believe it or not, Gold is the first compilation with U.S. distribution to provide a fair and rather thorough glance at Kool & the Gang's career from 1969 through 1987. Dozens upon dozens of other sets either focus on one of the group's distinct eras or attempt clumsily to appease those who want "Jungle Boogie" and "Joanna" in one spot. The Chronicles catalog division of Mercury realized that roughly 90 percent of Kool & the Gang's chart hits can fit neatly on two discs, so this is an ideal package for casual fans who can appreciate raw '70s funk and slick, radio-friendly '80s R&B. It would be impossible to plot a thorough introductory course across two discs, since the group's catalog runs too deep. There wasn't enough room for the likes of "Steppin' Out," "Jones vs. Jones," "Slick Superchick," or "Take It to the Top," all of which were popular on black radio stations, and the compilers' decision to focus on the biggest singles means that a lot of subdued album cuts — such as "Breeze and Soul" and "Winter Sadness" — aren't factored in. A lot of care went into the presentation, with plenty of photos, thorough chart-placement information, and insightful liner notes from group associate Cleveland Brown. No Kool & the Gang compilation can be flawless, but this is one of the best ones out there.