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Jefferson Airplane Loves You


Download links and information about Jefferson Airplane Loves You by Jefferson Airplane. This album was released in 1992 and it belongs to Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic genres. It contains 51 tracks with total duration of 03:41:43 minutes.

Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Release date: 1992
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Songwriter/Lyricist, Psychedelic
Tracks: 51
Duration: 03:41:43
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No. Title Length
1. I Specialize In Love 1:57
2. Go to Her 4:05
3. Bringing Me Down 2:23
4. Let Me In 3:27
5. Chauffeur Blues 2:29
6. Great Society: 'Free Advice' 2:29
7. Somebody to Love 2:58
8. Today 3:01
9. Embryonic Journey 1:52
10. White Rabbit 2:33
11. Come Back Baby 2:56
12. Other Side of This Life (Live) 8:01
13. Runnin' 'Round This World (Live) 2:29
14. She Has Funny Cars (Live) 3:37
15. High Flyin' Bird (Live) 4:03
16. Tobacco Road (Live) 3:57
17. Let's Get Together (Live) 4:04
18. White Rabbit (Live) 2:23
19. Comin' Back to Me (Live) 7:38
20. Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon (Live) 7:01
21. The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil 11:39
22. Things Are Better In the East 3:16
23. Watch Her Ride 3:15
24. Two Heads 3:14
25. Martha (Single Version) 3:26
26. Don't Let Me Down 2:53
27. Crown of Creation 2:53
28. Lather 2:57
29. In Time 4:14
30. The House At Pooneil Corners 5:52
31. Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum 1:31
32. Would You Like a Snack? 2:39
33. 3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds 4:45
34. It's No Secret 3:28
35. Plastic Fantastic Lover (Live) 4:24
36. Uncle Sam Blues (Live) 5:26
37. Wooden Ships (Alternate Mix) 5:51
38. Volunteers (Alternate Take) 2:17
39. We Can Be Together (Alternate Take) 6:01
40. Turn My Life Down 2:56
41. Good Shepherd 4:25
42. Hey Fredrick (Alternate Take) 9:04
43. Emergency 4:38
44. When the Earth Moves Again 3:55
45. Pretty As You Feel 3:09
46. Law Man 2:42
47. Feel So Good 9:24
48. Twilight Double Leader 4:47
49. Aerie (Gang of Eagles) 3:56
50. Trial By Fire 4:52
51. Dress Rap / You Wear Your Dresses Too Short / Bill Graham Outro (Live) 14:31



The triple CD (or cassette) box set Jefferson Airplane Loves You came out at a time when major record labels were rushing out deluxe sets of about every meaningful artist of the '60s and '70s. Most of those sets hid self-indulgent, inflated "best of" collections of previously released material with a couple of alternate mixes and live tracks to lure in the fans. Loves You has some general appeal (although slimmer "best of" collections are available and cater better to the casual listener who wants to hear "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love"), but it is clearly aimed at the fan. Disc 1 covers the early years up to the group's second LP Surrealistic Pillow. Early singles by Marty Balin and Grace Slick are included, but the real treat consists of nine live tracks (a total of 43 minutes, a full album's worth!) from a concert in May 1967, 18 months before the group's first live set, Bless Its Pointed Little Head, was recorded. Disc 2 covers the years between After Bathing at Baxter's and Volunteers. It kicks off with a 12-minute alternate version of "The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil" (a psychedelic peak), a few album tracks that were left off and an early version of Frank Zappa's "Would You Like a Snack" recorded with the Mothers of Invention, along with classic album cuts. Disc 3 culls material from the Volunteers album up to 1972's 30 Seconds over Winterland, racing through the Airplane's weaker late records. The highlights come from the quadraphonic version of the LP Volunteers, which featured very different mixes (even alternate versions in some cases). No repeats (except for "White Rabbit" included in its original version and a live one), great unreleased material and the absence of anything from the group's short-lived late-'80s comeback make this box set a must-have for fans. ~ François Couture, Rovi