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Boyce: Solomon


Download links and information about Boyce: Solomon by Howard Crook, Parley Of Instruments, Bronwen Mills. This album was released in 1990 and it belongs to genres. It contains 31 tracks with total duration of 01:15:54 minutes.

Artist: Howard Crook, Parley Of Instruments, Bronwen Mills
Release date: 1990
Tracks: 31
Duration: 01:15:54
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No. Title Length
1. Solomon: Part 1 I. Overture. Largo – Allegro – Larghetto (featuring Roy Goodman) 6:12
2. Solomon: Part 1 II. Chorus. Behold, Jerusalem, Behold Thy King (Chorus) (featuring Roy Goodman, The Parley Of Instruments Choir) 4:26
3. Solomon: Part 1 III. Recitative. From the Mountains, Lo! He Comes (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:27
4. Solomon: Part 1 IV. Air. Tell Me, Lovely Shepherd, Where (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 3:20
5. Solomon: Part 1 V. Air. Fairest of the Virgin Throng (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 2:16
6. Solomon: Part 1 VI. Recitative. As the Rich Apple, On Whose Boughs (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:20
7. Solomon: Part 1 VII. Air. Beneath Him Ample Shade I Lay (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 2:47
8. Solomon: Part 1 VIII. Recitative. Who Quits the Lily's Fleecy White (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:34
9. Solomon: Part 1 IX. Air. Balmy Sweetness, Ever Flowing (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 5:49
10. Solomon: Part 1 X. Recitative/Air. Let Not My Prince His Slave Despise (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 4:17
11. Solomon: Part 1 XI. Air. Fair and Comely Is My Love (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 3:39
12. Solomon: Part 1 XII. Recitative. Forbear, O Charming Swain, Forbear! (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 1:12
13. Solomon: Part 1 XIII. Air. O Fill With Cooling Juice the Bowl (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 3:26
14. Solomon: Part 2 I. Sinfonia. Allegro assai (featuring Roy Goodman) 2:47
15. Solomon: Part 2 II. Recitative/Air. The Cheerful Spring Begins Today (He/She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 4:02
16. Solomon: Part 2 III. Duet. Together Let Us Range the Fields (He/She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 3:59
17. Solomon: Part 2 IV. Recitative. How Lovely Art Thou to the Sight (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:24
18. Solomon: Part 2 V. Air. Let Me, Love, the Bole Ascending (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 2:16
19. Solomon: Part 2 VI. Recitative. O That a Sister's Specious Name (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:40
20. Solomon: Part 2 VII. Air. Soft! I Adjure You, By the Fawns (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 1:26
21. Solomon: Part 2 VIII. Recitative. My Fair's a Garden of Delight (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:22
22. Solomon: Part 2 IX. Air With Chorus. Softly Rise, O Southern Breeze! (He) (featuring Roy Goodman, The Parley Of Instruments Choir, Sally Jackson) 5:03
23. Solomon: Part 3 I. Arioso. Arise, My Fair, the Doors Unfold (He/She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 3:42
24. Solomon: Part 3 II. Recitative/Air. Obedient to Thy Voice I Hie (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:42
25. Solomon: Part 3 III. Air. Ye Blooming Virgins, As Ye Rove (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 1:46
26. Solomon: Part 3 III. Chorus. Who Is Thy Love, O Charming Maid! (Virgins) (featuring Roy Goodman, The Parley Of Instruments Choir) 0:39
27. Solomon: Part 3 V. Air. On His Face the Vernal Rose (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 2:04
28. Solomon: Part 3 VI. Arioso. This, O Ye Virgins, Is the Swain (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:37
29. Solomon: Part 3 VII. Recitative. Sweet Nymph, Whom Ruddier Charms Adorn (He) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:41
30. Solomon: Part 3 VIII. Recitative. O Take Me! Stamp Me On Thy Breast! (She) (featuring Roy Goodman) 0:45
31. Solomon: Part 3 IX. Duet With Chorus. Thou Soft Invader of the Soul! (He/She) (featuring Roy Goodman, The Parley Of Instruments Choir) 5:14