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Foss: Griffelkin


Download links and information about Foss: Griffelkin by Gil Rose, Boston Modern Orchestra Project. This album was released in 2003 and it belongs to Opera genres. It contains 29 tracks with total duration of 01:42:30 minutes.

Artist: Gil Rose, Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Release date: 2003
Genre: Opera
Tracks: 29
Duration: 01:42:30
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No. Title Length
1. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: When the Moon Grows Round and the Dark Grows Double (Devils, Grandmother) (featuring Marion Dry) 2:07
2. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: You Haven't Swept Up Very Snugly (Grandmother, Devils, Griffelkin) (featuring Marion Dry) 4:39
3. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: Hurry Up Now! Light the Fire! (Grandmother, Devils) (featuring Marion Dry) 1:45
4. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: Dance - You Have Learned to Bewitch (Grandmother) (featuring Marion Dry) 3:55
5. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: O Grandmother, You Mean I Can Play In the World (Griffelkin, Grandmother, Devils) 5:44
6. Griffelkin, Act I: Prologue: Entr'acte 2:12
7. Griffelkin, Act II: Head Over Heels Now Here I Come! (Griffelkin) 4:35
8. Griffelkin, Act II: Bottle, We're Off! (Griffelkin, Statue) 2:22
9. Griffelkin, Act II: I'll Try Over There Across the Square (Griffelkin) 0:24
10. Griffelkin, Act II: Good Morning. Good Gracious, You Look Like the Devil (Letterbox, Griffelkin) 3:02
11. Griffelkin, Act II: I've Made a Mistake (Griffelkin, Boy, Children) 1:24
12. Griffelkin, Act II: Why, Why Can't You Leave Us (Lions, Griffelkin) 4:08
13. Griffelkin, Act II: Did You Turn Them Back Into Stone? (Girl, Griffelkin, Mother) 2:21
14. Griffelkin, Act II: Where Have You Been? (Mother, Girl, Griffelkin) 2:30
15. Griffelkin, Act II: Have I Been Dreaming? (Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman) 2:57
16. Griffelkin, Act II: Now You Can See, I'm a Master of Magic (Griffelkin, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys) 3:01
17. Griffelkin, Act II: Come Dance, Come Dance, Round and Round (Griffelkin, Girl) 3:09
18. Griffelkin, Act II: Toys! Fiddlers, Drummers! (Griffelkin, Girl, Toys) 2:44
19. Griffelkin, Act II: Oh No! Oh No! Who Would Believe It! (Housewives, Griffelkin, Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys) (featuring Aaron Engebreth, Anne Carolyn Bird, Anne Harley, David M. Cushing, Drew Poling, Elizabeth Keusch, Glorivy Arroyo) 8:41
20. Griffelkin, Act III: Disaster, Calamity, Dreadful, Insane (Housewives, Policeman, Shopkeeper, Letterbox, Statue, Toys, Lions) (featuring Aaron Engebreth, Anne Carolyn Bird, Anne Harley, David M. Cushing, Drew Poling, Glorivy Arroyo) 3:21
21. Griffelkin, Act III: Almost Empty, Only a Drop (Griffelkin) 3:22
22. Griffelkin, Act III: Mother, Your Lips Are Silent (Boy, Girl, Griffelkin) 2:35
23. Griffelkin, Act III: Here I Am! (Griffelkin, Girl) 3:04
24. Griffelkin, Act III: Tell Me Please, Tell Me Only: What Is Death? (Griffelkin, Girl, Boy) 1:48
25. Griffelkin, Act III: I'll Bring Her Back With a Sprinkle of Magic (Griffelkin, Mother, Boy, Girl) 4:46
26. Griffelkin, Act III: Good! Good! Good! Good! (Devils, Grandmother, Griffelkin, Oldest Devil) (featuring Marion Dry) 9:14
27. Griffelkin, Act III: O, Dark Winds Will Haunt Me (Griffelkin) 2:41
28. Griffelkin, Act III: Why Griffelkin, Good Morning! (Girl, Boy, Griffelkin, Policeman, Housewives, Shopkeeper, Mother) (featuring Aaron Engebreth, Anne Carolyn Bird, Anne Harley, Glorivy Arroyo, Emily Browder, Janna Baty, Kendra Colton) 5:43
29. Griffelkin, Act III: What a Strange, Round World (Children, Grownups) (featuring Boston Children's Opera) 4:16