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Essential Native American Flute


Download links and information about Essential Native American Flute. This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to World Music genres. It contains 34 tracks with total duration of 02:21:15 minutes.

Release date: 2013
Genre: World Music
Tracks: 34
Duration: 02:21:15
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No. Title Length
1. Indian Pony (feat. Johnny Whitehorse) (Johnny Whitehorse) 5:11
2. The Young Wolves (feat. Joseph Fire Crow) (Joseph Fire Crow) 3:39
3. Daybreak Vision (feat. R. Carlos Nakai) (R. Carlos Nakai) 1:49
4. Grandmother Moon (feat. Tony Duncan) (Tony Duncan) 2:42
5. Ceyaya Acitonwe (feat. Kevin Locke) (Kevin Locke) 4:20
6. Swirling Smoke (Louie Gonnie, Cheevers Toppah, Nitanis 'Kit' Largo, Anthony Wakeman) 4:45
7. Kilmillia's Wings (feat. Anthony Wakeman & Aaron White) (Aaron White, Anthony Wakeman) 4:17
8. Flute Circle (feat. Mary Youngblood) (Mary Youngblood) 2:50
9. Tha Tribe (feat. Anthony Wakeman) (Anthony Wakeman) 3:47
10. Wind Child (feat. Kelvin Mockingbird) (Kelvin Mockingbird) 10:59
11. The World Never Ends (feat. Mary Louise Defender Wilson) (Mary Louise Defender Wilson) 4:59
12. Grandmother's Prayer (feat. Anthony Wakeman) (Anthony Wakeman) 3:04
13. Tatanka Ska - White Buffalo (Company) 1:27
14. Two Warriors Crossing (feat. Skychasers) (Skychasers) 2:47
15. White Buffalo (feat. Robert Tree Cody) (Robert Tree Cody) 4:48
16. Water Life (feat. Lawrence Laughing) (Lawrence Laughing) 3:23
17. Lakota Vision (feat. David Nighteagle and Company) (Company) 1:16
18. Taw^ -Tene (feat. Joanne Shenandoah) (Joanne Shenandoah) 3:32
19. Shadow Moon (feat. Burning Sky) (Burning Sky) 8:33
20. Shaman's Shadow (feat. Robert Mirabal) (Robert Mirabal) 2:37
21. When We Walk Together (feat. Red Tail Chasing Hawks) (Red Tail Chasing Hawks) 5:42
22. Whispered Memories (Verdell Primeaux, Johnny Mike) 5:27
23. Unity (feat. Joanne Shenandoah) (Joanne Shenandoah) 4:02
24. Out of the Ashes (Larry Mitchell, Shelley Morningsong) 4:42
25. Burning Sky (feat. Burning Sky) (Burning Sky) 4:12
26. Elders Speak (feat. Tony Duncan & Darrin Yazzie) (Tony Duncan) 3:55
27. Canyon Spirits (feat. Robert Tree Cody) (Robert Tree Cody) 3:52
28. People of the Sun (feat. Skychasers) (Skychasers) 4:34
29. Plains Wind (feat. R. Carlos Nakai, Cliff Sarde, Verdell Primeaux, Johnny Mike, Jay Begaye, Robert Tree Cody, William Horncloud, Delphine Tsinajinnie & Blackstone Singers) (R. Carlos Nakai) 4:39
30. Cold Wind (feat. Mary Youngblood) (Mary Youngblood) 5:17
31. Lakota Flute Song (feat. Peter Kater) (Peter Kater) 2:12
32. Big Hogan (feat. Paul Horn) (Paul Horn) 2:58
33. Whitehorse Rides (feat. Johnny Whitehorse) (Johnny Whitehorse) 5:55
34. Pawnee (feat. Tom Wasinger) (Tom Wasinger) 3:03