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El Barrio


Download links and information about El Barrio. This album was released in 2011 and it belongs to Latin genres. It contains 63 tracks with total duration of 04:00:07 minutes.

Release date: 2011
Genre: Latin
Tracks: 63
Duration: 04:00:07
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No. Title Length
1. Together (Ray Barretto) 2:39
2. You Need Help (Monguito Santamaria) 2:25
3. I'm Satisfied (Joe Bataan) 3:34
4. Identify Yourself (Café / Cafe) 3:53
5. Everybody's Got Soul (Flash & The Dynamics) 3:31
6. Pantaloncitos Calientes (She Got To See What She Got To Get What She Wants) (Gilberto Cruz) 3:52
7. Black Dice (Mongo Santamaria) 4:40
8. Dynamite (Harvey Averne) 2:35
9. I'm Gonna Get To You Yet (TNT Boys) 2:34
10. There You Go (Fania All Stars) 3:09
11. La Vida (Ralfi Pagan) 3:07
12. I Got The Feeling (Tengo Sentimiento) (Chollo Rivera, The Latin Soul Drives) 3:15
13. Funky Felix (Seguida) 2:58
14. Kool It Here Comes The Fuzz (Jimmy Sabater) 3:13
15. Guajiro Bacan (Azuquita, Su Orquesta Melao) 6:17
16. Stablishment (Harvey Averne) 3:02
17. Back To My Roots (Fania All Stars) 8:08
18. Amor Verdadero (Willie Colón / Willie Colon) 7:28
19. Dance, Dance, Dance (Orchestra Tipica Novel) 4:04
20. On Our Way To Tomorrow (Seguida) 8:30
21. Waterbed (Vocal) (The Ltg Exchange) 3:36
22. Smoke (Fania All Stars) 4:05
23. Bad Luck (Louie Ramirez) 4:20
24. Wata Wasuri (Tito Puente) 3:21
25. Johnny's No Good (W. R. L. C) 4:16
26. Es Un Demonio Ella (Fausto Rey / Larry Harlow) 5:11
27. Call Me (Joe Bataan) 4:27
28. Afro Hustle (Lou Pérez Y Su Charanga / Lou Perez Y Su Charanga) 3:21
29. "Mambo Rock (Theme from ""Salsa"")" (Seguida) 3:07
30. Joe Cuba's Latin Hustle (Joe Cuba) 4:11
31. Salsa (Louie Ramirez) 6:56
32. Fever (La Lupe) 2:45
33. Gimme Some Love (Dame Un Poquito De Carino) (The Joe Cuba Sextet) 3:03
34. Morris Park (Lenni Sesar) 4:28
35. Come And Get It (Ralph Robles) 3:00
36. Bad Breath (Bobby Valentín / Bobby Valentin) 2:50
37. Mercy Mercy Baby (Ray Barretto) 2:47
38. Ay Que Rico (Eddie Palmieri) 3:28
39. King Of Latin Soul (Joey Pastrana) 4:17
40. Happy Soul With A Hook (Dave Cortez, The Moon People) 3:03
41. Mamá's Girl (King Nando) 2:29
42. Marilu (George Guzman) 4:04
43. Baby Boo Boogaloo (Vladimir And His Orchestra) 3:12
44. Camel Walk (The Latinaires) 2:51
45. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Ray Rodríguez and His Orchestra / Ray Rodriguez and His Orchestra) 1:44
46. What You Mean (Johnny Colón / Johnny Colon) 3:43
47. Guajira Con Soul (Johnny Ventura) 4:12
48. Do You Feel It (Tu Lo Sientes) (The Joe Cuba Sextet) 3:25
49. Big "T" (Tito Ramos) 2:47
50. New York Soul (Ray Barretto) 2:44
51. Lady Marmalade (Mongo Santamaria) 3:14
52. Si, Dame Tu Amor (Café / Cafe) 3:21
53. Calle Luna Calle Sol (Willie Colón / Willie Colon) 3:48
54. Que Se Sepa (Roberto Roena) 3:14
55. Puerto Rican Soul (Pete Bonet) 4:04
56. Red Garter Strut (Fania All Stars) 2:09
57. O Elefante (Ray Barretto) 4:35
58. Safari (Tito Puente) 5:05
59. Revolucionando (The New Swing Sextet) 2:57
60. Chocolate Ice Cream (Helado De Chocolate) (Eddie Palmieri) 6:14
61. Evil Ways (Pete Rodriguez / Louie Ramirez) 3:51
62. Música Del Alma (TNT Boys) 3:35
63. Crystal Blue Persuasion (Joe Bataan) 3:23



In its early-‘70s heyday, Johnny Pacheco and Larry Masucci’s Fania imprint reigned supreme over New York’s salsa scene, enlisting the talents of some of the region’s most experienced musicians and bandleaders and releasing music that embodied the experiences of thousands of Puerto Rican and Dominican immigrants in New York during the '70s. The label’s star faded during the ‘80s. But it was only fitting that, with Fania’s re-emergence in 2006, the label began a thorough retrospective—not only of its own releases but of the entire Latin scene that flourished in Harlem, Brooklyn, and the Bronx throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. These collections reached their pinnacle with El Barrio, a carefully conceived four-disc compilation that offers a convincing and eclectic overview of the music that emerged from this fantastically creative period of Latin music. The first disc of the set collects hard-driving Latin funk cuts like Harvey Averne’s “Dynamite” and Ralfi Pagan’s slinky low-rider anthem “La Vida,” while other sections explore styles as diverse as disco, boogaloo, and Latin soul.