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Sound Unbound - Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archives


Download links and information about Sound Unbound - Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archives by Dj Spooky. This album was released in 2008 and it belongs to Ambient, Electronica, Rock, Alternative genres. It contains 44 tracks with total duration of 01:17:09 minutes.

Artist: Dj Spooky
Release date: 2008
Genre: Ambient, Electronica, Rock, Alternative
Tracks: 44
Duration: 01:17:09
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No. Title Length
1. Cool Noises (featuring Matthew Herbert, Radiomentale) 1:45
2. Once Loved / A Footnote to Howl (featuring Martyn Bates, Allen Ginsberg) 3:10
3. Le Buste (featuring Jean Cocteau) 2:57
4. Imagination (featuring Sun Ra) 0:36
5. Untitled In CoF Minor (featuring Mikhail) 4:28
6. Scratch Battle (featuring Rob Swift) 2:30
7. The Creative Act (featuring Marcel Duchamp) 1:00
8. The Paper Work Explosion (featuring Raymond Scott) 2:28
9. Perpetual / Pop Titles 'You' (featuring Alter Echo, Pamela Z) 1:57
10. Sarah / Los Angeles Soundtrack (featuring Liam Gillick) 1:21
11. Eolian Episode (featuring James Joyce) 2:42
12. Reed Phase (featuring Steve Reich) 2:27
13. Laka / Cool Noises, Pt. 2 (featuring Radiomentale) 1:44
14. Dias Dias Dias / Above the Earth / Contacte (featuring Caetano Veloso, Augusto De Campos) 1:44
15. Rozart Mix (featuring John Cage) 0:39
16. One Laptop: Theme 1:30
17. The Spilled Cup (featuring Sussan Deyhim) 1:29
18. General Motor Futurama (Interstitial) (featuring Raymond Scott) 1:03
19. Voyage for Three (featuring George Lewis, Aki Takase) 0:48
20. Ghost Dub / René Magritte (featuring Bill Laswell, René Magritte / Rene Magritte) 2:04
21. The First Set / Area 4 (Solo) / A Little Noise In the System (Moog System) (featuring Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker) 0:52
22. -- (DJ Spooky Remix) (featuring Bora Yoon) 2:29
23. Cinq études de bruits: Étude violette (featuring Pierre Schaeffer) 0:16
24. The Need to Be (featuring Daniel Bernard Roumain & Ryuichi Sakamoto) 2:12
25. Music In Fifths (featuring Philip Glass) 1:48
26. Poème électronique (featuring Edgard Varese) 2:46
27. Concret Ph (featuring ΞΕΝΑΚΗΣ ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ / XENAKES GIANNES) 0:28
28. One Minute (featuring Ryoji Ikeda) 0:59
29. Audience (DJ Spooky Remix) (featuring Sonic Youth) 2:41
30. Track 01 / Dong Lim (featuring Alter Echo) 1:27
31. Dorian Reeds (featuring Terry Riley) 2:14
32. Corale / FTP Bundle / Conduit 23 (featuring Luigi Russolo) 0:27
33. Rumba Lu Georgel / I Know the Power of Words (featuring Fanfare Savale, Vladimir Mayakovsky) 2:07
34. Pilgrim's Song / Trilok Gurtu / Kala (featuring Bill Laswell) 2:06
35. Hommage à John Cage (featuring Nam June Paik) 0:25
36. Mandolin Mixed / Acid Bassline (featuring Morton Subotnick) 1:22
37. Mali Mal Hal M'Halmaz (featuring The Master Musicians Of Jajouka) 2:00
38. Track 02 / Anna Blume (featuring Sub Swara, Kurt Schwitters) 1:51
39. Week End / Ache Lhamo (featuring Walter Ruttmann) 1:25
40. Bendix Tomorrow People 1 / Taken from Manhattan Reasearch (featuring Raymond Scott) 0:59
41. I Can't Look for You / The Palaces of Gesar's Family (DJ Spooky Remix) (featuring Martyn Bates) 2:10
42. Incantation for Tape (featuring Otto Luening & Wladimir Ussachevsky) 0:44
43. Time... Dot3 (featuring Carsten Nicolai) 0:49
44. The Western Land (featuring Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs) 4:10



In 2004, DJ Spooky was given full access to the archives of Sub Rosa, a Belgian label celebrated for its catholic musical range — everyone from Bill Laswell and Alter Echo to Nam June Paik and Edgard Varèse (posthumously, of course) have found their work featured on Sub Rosa releases. Given his status as the most prolific and admired of the postmodern DJs, Spooky was an obvious choice to create a huge sonic tapestry from this wildly varied catalog, and his creation was titled Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Archives, Vol. 1. Four years later comes a companion volume with a similar title, this one more groove-oriented and really very fascinating. In typical postmodern fashion, it revels in juxtapositions that make little sense on paper but turn out to be quite compelling listening — spoken word excerpts from Allen Ginsberg and Jean Cocteau rub up against instrumental selections from To Rococo Rot and Trilok Gurtu, and often the different elements are layered over each other. On track seven, for example, music by Marcel Duchamp is layered with music from the Master Musicians of Joujouka and juxtaposed with snippets of an interview with George Heard Hamilton. Elsewhere, chunks of Philip Glass' "Music in Fifths" are followed immediately by Varèse's pioneering piece of musique concrète titled "Poème Electronique," and Bill Laswell's "Ghost Dub" provides a dark musical bed for a recording of René Magritte discussing the elements and history of surrealism. What all this adds up to is, inevitably, yet one more chance for DJ Spooky annoyingly to show off his erudition (at least this package doesn't include a photograph of his book collection) and it's also true that he's pushing his luck when he asks the listener to regard this program as an "essay" in any meaningful sense of the term. But it's also a fascinating crazy-quilt of forward-thinking musical sounds spanning a whole century, and it will provide plenty of food for conversation as well as a starting point for any number of musical research projects. Highly recommended.