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Refried Food


Download links and information about Refried Food by Dj Food. This album was released in 1996 and it belongs to Electronica, Jazz, Drum & Bass, Dancefloor, Dance Pop, Bop genres. It contains 22 tracks with total duration of 02:02:35 minutes.

Artist: Dj Food
Release date: 1996
Genre: Electronica, Jazz, Drum & Bass, Dancefloor, Dance Pop, Bop
Tracks: 22
Duration: 02:02:35
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No. Title Length
1. Fungle Junk (Lemon D Jazz Excursion Remix) 7:49
2. Valves (Journeyman Mix) 3:13
3. Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Unconscious Dub) 4:56
4. Stop Phink (Hidden Chipsters mix) 4:31
5. Inosan (Neotropic Neohead Phone Head F**k) 7:32
6. Mella (The Herbaliser Drive Faster Mix) 4:51
7. Inosan (Black Devil Mix, Pt. 2) 3:56
8. Mr. Scruff's Ninja Tune Megamix 12:11
9. Spiral (Tongue & Groove Mix) 8:02
10. Dark Lady (Skint Mix) 7:02
11. Dark River (The Angel Mix) 4:07
12. Dark Blood (MLO Nu Blud 2 Mix) 5:37
13. Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Cosmic Conscious Mix) 5:52
14. Taste Strange 1:15
15. Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ Mix) 7:55
16. Half Step (Dr. Rockit Mix) 5:11
17. Inosan (Black Devil Mix, Pt. 1) 2:53
18. Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher mix) 4:02
19. Sexy Bits (Autechre Ae9v Mix) 7:25
20. Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) 7:16
21. Spiral (Dub) 5:25
22. Strange Taste 1:34



So called because it collects a variety of remix singles on one disc, Refried Food is both a nice peek into the world of DJ Food as well as a reasonable showcase for the slew of remixers featured throughout. Though a few Ninja Tune standbys are featured as remixers, the group wisely brought in other outside voices as well to create a varied, intriguing release. The disc begins and ends with DJ Food straight-up: "Strange Taste" and its counterpart, "Taste Strange," from the Recipe for Disaster album. As might be guessed, both are seriously funky breakbeat classics, with some groovy wah-wah and off-kilter samples for further effect. The group also serves as its own remixer with another Recipe for Disaster cut, "Spiral," presented in a dub version with all the appropriate echo one could want while keeping the same brisk, funky beats. Beyond that, it's up to the outside remixers to do whatever they want with the originals. From the Ninja Tune stable itself, highlights include the Fila Brazillia mix of "Freedom," with a lovely, smoky late-night pace to it, like walking down a busy city street as it finally starts to wind down just a touch, and the Herbaliser's menacing, relentless "drive faster" mix of "Mella." From farther afield, things get even more inventive. Autechre touch down with the "Ae9V" mix of "Sexy Bits," which keeps the shuffling breakbeat of the original while adding just enough distance and chill to things as well — subtle but well-done. Squarepusher justifies his existence for once with his reasonably exciting mix for "Scratch Yer Hed," clattering jungle rhythms running riot, while Wagon Christ has his own funky fun with "Turtle Soup." Other strong remixes include Skint Records main man Damien Harris' moody drive with "Dark Lady" and the Angel's agreeably down-beat take on "Dark River."