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Divine Prayers


Download links and information about Divine Prayers. This album was released in 2009 and it belongs to Gospel genres. It contains 62 tracks with total duration of 02:01:28 minutes.

Release date: 2009
Genre: Gospel
Tracks: 62
Duration: 02:01:28
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No. Title Length
1. Maggie's Story (Maggie Wilkins) 2:01
2. Guidelines for Obligatory Prayers (Nancy Sellers) 0:47
3. Short Obligatory Prayer With Actions (Rick Czerniejewski) 0:36
4. Medium Obligatory Prayer With Actions (Kim Aiello) 4:21
5. Long Obligatory Prayer With Actions (Nathan Davis) 15:07
6. 95 All'ah'u'abh'a (Rick Czerniejewski) 2:51
7. Short Obligatory Prayer Without Actions (Rick Czerniejewski) 0:31
8. Medium Obligatory Prayer Without Actions (Kim Aiello) 3:30
9. Long Obligatory Prayer Without Actions (Nathan Davis) 12:04
10. The Long Healing Prayer (Annalee Strasburg) 13:20
11. O Friends! Be Not Careless of the Virtues (Nancy Sellers) 1:12
12. O Children of Adam! Holy~words In Persian (Shahnaz Ghassemi) 1:09
13. Create In Me a Pure Heart~arabic Chant (Hermien Hoveydal) 2:53
14. I Desire Distinction for You (May Khadem) 1:48
15. Intone, O My Servant (Joyce Litoff) 1:15
16. I Have Risen This Morning By Thy Grace (Van Gilmer) 0:43
17. O King, I Was But a Man Like Others, Asleep (Charlie Wilkins) 1:50
18. Create In Me a Pure Heart (Hermien Hoveydai) 1:49
19. I Am the One, O My Lord, Who Hath (John Safapour) 0:47
20. O Thou Whose Face Is the Object Of (Shahine Safapour) 1:09
21. With All Your Souls, and With All Your Hearts (Dennis Davis) 0:38
22. O Lord My God! Assist Thy Loved Ones (May Khadem) 0:43
23. O God, My God! Aid Thou Thy Trusted Servants (Ford Bowers) 0:32
24. O God! Refresh and Gladden My Spirit (Pam Mondschein) 0:53
25. O Compassionate God! Thanks Be to Thee (Jeanine Caughlin) 1:19
26. O Lord! Unto Thee I Repair for Refuge (Dennis Davis) 0:49
27. O My Lord, My Beloved, My Desire! (Annalee Strasburg) 1:17
28. Thou Seesth Me, O My God, Bowed Down (May Khadem) 2:47
29. Lord! Pitiful Are We, Grant Us Thy Favor (Van Gilmer) 1:08
30. I Adjure Thee By Thy Might (Pam Mondschein) 0:30
31. O God, My God! Lowly, Suppliant (Norris Reynolds) 0:59
32. O Lord! Enable All the Peoples of the Earth (David Hunt) 1:37
33. O Son of Being! Thy Heart Is My Home (Amy Dickinson) 0:16
34. All Praise, O My God, Be to Thee Who Art (Joyce Litoff) 1:35
35. O Thou Whose Nearness Is My Wish (John Safapour) 1:39
36. O Son of My Handmaid! Be Not Troubled (Nicole Zamir) 1:06
37. O Son of Spirit! the Best Beloved of All (Shanel Taylor) 0:50
38. O Ye Rich Ones of Earth! the Poor (Joyce) 0:40
39. O Children of the Divine and Invisible (Maggie Wilkins) 0:19
40. O Son of Spirit! Noble Have I Created Thee (Tom Gindorff) 0:22
41. O Lord! Make This Youth Radiant (Shana Ghadami) 0:45
42. O Thy Kind Lord! Graciously Bestow (Sylvia Friedman) 1:15
43. O Children of Men! Know Ye Not Why (Amy Dickinson) 1:22
44. O Thou Kind Lord! These Are Thy Servants (Shanel Taylor) 1:54
45. O Lord! Provide for the Speedy Growth (Lorelei Mcclure) 0:52
46. O My God! Thou Seesth Me (Arash Zare) 1:24
47. The Great Being Saith: O Ye Children of Man! (Tom Gindorff) 0:58
48. My God, Whom I Worship and Adore! (Laura Caro) 1:36
49. As for You, O Ye Lovers of God, Make Firm (Geza Farkas) 1:55
50. O My Lord, O My Lord! These Two Bright Orbs (Sylvia Friedman) 0:59
51. O Thou Kind Lord! These Lovely Children (Shawn Davis) 0:47
52. Is There Any Remover of Difficulties (9 Voices Repeat 9 Times) 2:23
53. Persian Chants ~Introduction May Khadem (May Khadem) 2:24
54. Persian Chant~ My God, My Adored One (Javidukht Khadem) 0:58
55. Persian Chant~release Yourselves, O Nightingales (Javidukht Khadem) 4:50
56. Persian Chant~o Thou Compassionate Lord (Javidukht Khadem) 1:21
57. Persian Chant~o Thou Incomparable God (Javidukht Khadem) 0:59
58. Persian Chant~he Is the Compassionate (Javidukht Khadem) 1:28
59. Persian Chant~o Thou Sho Art Turning (Javidukht Khadem) 1:01
60. Persian Chant~the Prayer Mona Chanted (Javidukht Khadem) 0:35
61. Persian Chant~prayer of Baha'u'llah (Javidukht Khadem) 1:12
62. Persian Chant~prayer for the Departed (Javidukht Khadem) 0:48