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Never Hear the End of It


Download links and information about Never Hear the End of It by Darryl Sloan. This album was released in 2007 and it belongs to Rock, Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative genres. It contains 30 tracks with total duration of 01:16:25 minutes.

Artist: Darryl Sloan
Release date: 2007
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative
Tracks: 30
Duration: 01:16:25
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No. Title Length
1. Flying High Again 1:25
2. Who Taught You to Live Like That? 3:02
3. I've Gotta Try 2:22
4. Everybody Wants You 3:07
5. Listen to the Radio 3:09
6. Fading Into Obscurity 4:10
7. I Can't Sleep 0:52
8. Someone I Can Be True With 1:32
9. Right or Wrong 2:40
10. Something's Wrong 1:15
11. Ana Lucia 3:21
12. Before the End of the Race 2:27
13. Blackout 1:39
14. I Understand 5:28
15. You Know What It's About 1:13
16. Golden Eyes 1:01
17. Can't You Figure It Out? 2:27
18. Set In Motion 2:35
19. Love Is All Around 3:21
20. Will I Belong? 1:20
21. Ill Placed Trust 3:26
22. Live the Life You're Dreaming Of 4:08
23. Living With the Masses 1:36
24. HFXNSHC 1:11
25. People Think They Know Me 2:12
26. I Know You 4:00
27. Last Time In Love 3:36
28. It's Not the End of the World 2:28
29. Light Years 1:51
30. Another Way I Could Do It 3:31



A formidable pop force in their Canadian homeland, Nova Scotia’s Sloan have been relegated to cult status elsewhere. Their ‘60s flavored retro-pop and early ‘70s AM radio hooks make their every release feel like a trip into an alternate musical library where the likes of the Beatles, Badfinger, Eric Carmen and the Raspberries have been recast as modern rockers. Never Hear the End of It is a sprawling 30(!) track album that amazingly never wears out its welcome – though the sheer abundance is inevitably overwhelming. The tracks come charging out of the gate with tight harmonies, enthusiastic handclaps, hastily strummed guitars and a myriad of keyboards. If you weren’t told otherwise, you might think this was a collection of singles spanning their entire career. While there are minor tracks that serve as segues to other tracks (“Something’s Wrong”), overall these are well thought out compositions that playfully twist their influences into new configurations (hear the “Tomorrow Never Knows” drumbeat behind “Golden Eyes”). Traces of garage rock (“Ana Lucia”), the Beach Boys and Hollies (“I Understand”) the ‘60s Brit Invasion (“Will I Belong”) and ’70s new wave-punk rock (“HFXNSHC”) abound.