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Donald Martino: A Jazz Set


Download links and information about Donald Martino: A Jazz Set by CORE Ensemble. This album was released in 1996 and it belongs to genres. It contains 24 tracks with total duration of 53:23 minutes.

Artist: CORE Ensemble
Release date: 1996
Tracks: 24
Duration: 53:23
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No. Title Length
1. Set for Marimba: I. Allegro (featuring Michael Parola) 3:15
2. Set for Marimba: II. Adagio (featuring Michael Parola) 3:32
3. Set for Marimba: III. Allegro (featuring Michael Parola) 2:41
4. Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia: I. Agitato (Motto Sul Nome Aldo Parisot: con larghezza) (featuring Mark Andrew) 1:15
5. Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia: II. Scherzevole (featuring Mark Andrew) 4:04
6. Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia: III. (Motto: Agitato) Teneramente, Agitato, Teneramente (featuring Mark Andrew) 3:12
7. Parisonatina Al'Dodecafonia: IV. (Cadenza Sul Nome Aldo Parisot: Barbaro, Dolce, Feroce, Regale (featuring Mark Andrew) 2:20
8. Twelve Preludes: I. Adagio con moto (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:08
9. Twelve Preludes: II. Drammatico (introduction): Doppio movimento (featuring Hugh Hinton) 0:58
10. Twelve Preludes: III. Andantino (featuring Hugh Hinton) 2:01
11. Twelve Preludes: IV. Adagio sentimentale - Adagietto (coda) (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:32
12. Twelve Preludes: V. Il pir presto possible - Meno (coda) (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:06
13. Twelve Preludes: VI. Presto - Andantino - Prestissimo (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:11
14. Twelve Preludes: VII. Poco adagio (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:59
15. Twelve Preludes: VIII. Allegretto (featuring Hugh Hinton) 0:42
16. Twelve Preludes: IX. Adagietto (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:45
17. Twelve Preludes: X. Allegretto (introduction): Allegretto (featuring Hugh Hinton) 1:47
18. Twelve Preludes: XI. Largo (featuring Hugh Hinton) 2:24
19. Twelve Preludes: XII. Allegretto gioioso - Cantabile - Andantino - Allegretto grazioso (codetta) (featuring Hugh Hinton) 2:54
20. Canzone e Tarantella sul nome Petrassi: Canzone (featuring Mark Andrew, Ian Greitzer) 1:50
21. Canzone e Tarantella sul nome Petrassi: Tarantella (featuring Mark Andrew, Ian Greitzer) 4:07
22. A Jazz Set: I. Canon Ball (Duo for Vibraphone & Piano) (featuring Michael Parola, Hugh Hinton) 1:23
23. A Jazz Set: II. Cathy (featuring Mark Andrew, Michael Parola, Hugh Hinton) 3:28
24. A Jazz Set: III. Three Way (featuring Mark Andrew, Michael Parola, Hugh Hinton) 2:49