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Coco Beach: Deephouse Selection


Download links and information about Coco Beach: Deephouse Selection. This album was released in 2014 and it belongs to House, Dancefloor, Dance Pop genres. It contains 50 tracks with total duration of 04:27:51 minutes.

Release date: 2014
Genre: House, Dancefloor, Dance Pop
Tracks: 50
Duration: 04:27:51
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No. Title Length
1. Malibu (The Beach Mix) (Alexander Riva) 5:21
2. The Deep Piano (Deep Vocal Mix) [feat. Alena] (Maurice Williamson) 5:46
3. I Need an Angel (The Drink Mix) (Alexander Paris) 5:00
4. Underground (Sensuality Mix) (Modell) 4:45
5. Perfect Beat (Jeff Romero Deep Mix) (Deep Godeeva) 5:21
6. Close to Me (Deep House Vocal Mix) [feat. Janice Vee] (Frank Falcon) 5:43
7. Master Lounge (Onda Deep Mix) (Miami Lovers) 3:54
8. Serendeepity (Montego Beach Mix) (David Heaven) 5:21
9. Gold Is Not All (House for Gold Mix) [feat. Gola] (Jeff Goldmann) 5:47
10. Deep Jazz in Soul (Night Saxy Mix) (Jazzatron) 5:41
11. This Is My Sound (Glitter Rhythms Mix) [feat. Corinne] (Yves Rocher) 5:50
12. Houzy Style (Ibiza Mix) (Ibeeza Lovers) 5:24
13. Soul Dreamers (Deep Mix) (Deep Mind) 5:45
14. I Want the House (Blakee Deepbass Mix) (Blakee) 5:32
15. Beautiful Hely (Deep Light Mix) (Natural Aura) 5:13
16. You Are the One (Black Voice Mix) (Softsoul) 5:08
17. Cushing Fight (Modell & Mercier House Mix) (Nightstar) 5:42
18. Show Me the Way (Fashion Mix) (Open Rhythm) 5:12
19. Start (Ibized Mix) (Saxophonized) 5:40
20. Raiback (Chill House Lovers Mix) (Andrew Hoogan) 3:54
21. It's for You (Aesthetic Mix) (Plastic Things) 5:15
22. Alther Sckelmer (Piano's Rhytm Mix) (Lover House) 3:54
23. The Power of Rhythm (Panamera Mix) (Kay Free) 4:58
24. The Spirit (Private Mix) (The Silk Man) 5:13
25. Varion (Deep One Mix) (Deep Elements) 6:30
26. Rue Vintage (St. Tropez Cool Mix) (Jaques Dacoste) 3:54
27. Deeper and Deeper (Cool Bass Mix) (Cool Beach) 5:23
28. Charity Ball (Eight Wonder House Mix) (The House Rhythms) 5:41
29. C&G (Maratea Deep Mix) (Dolce Jay) 5:21
30. Goodnight Morning (Sequenced Mix) (Fantasy Groove) 5:42
31. All Natural (Ibiza Deep Mix) (David Greek) 5:21
32. Partie de cartes (Onda House Mix) (Diego Playo) 5:41
33. Like a Movie (White House Mix) (Flowers, The Butterfly) 5:45
34. Still Waters Run Deep (House Intention Mix) (House Defrag) 5:41
35. Why so Serious (Deep Sequency Mix) (Philler Corporation) 5:21
36. Am Fm (Deep Night Mix) (Radiolution) 5:20
37. Tribal Group (Nightbeach Mix) (Marius Royce) 5:43
38. Just Believe in Deep (Black Jaguar House Mix) [feat. Oliver Black] (Modell & Mercier) 5:47
39. A Cup of (Paradise Beach Mix) (Deep Venture) 5:21
40. Racing At Sheepshead Bay (Praia a Mare Mix) (Guitarrista Loco) 5:42
41. Mouse Music (Manhattan Deep Mix) (The Deep Lovers) 5:21
42. Heart Beats of Long Ago (Damouchelle House Mix) (Sandrino) 5:46
43. India (Deephouse Mix) (Deep Terrace) 5:21
44. The Croohedest (Deep Piano Mix) (Piano Man) 4:41
45. The Prince of the River (Ultradeep Mix) (Alexander Prince) 5:42
46. Firewire (Deep Mind Mix) (Augustus Araldo) 5:21
47. Turn Baby Turn (Deep Sound Mix) (Jack Lagroove) 5:21
48. A Mouse in Girl (Deep Houzy Mix) (Zaar) 5:43
49. Twenty (Deep Mix) (Red Motel) 5:19
50. So Far Away (Long Beach Deep Mix) (Sensation 24) 5:44