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The Brian Woodbury Songbook


Download links and information about The Brian Woodbury Songbook by Brian Woodbury. This album was released in 2000 and it belongs to Rock, Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative genres. It contains 17 tracks with total duration of 01:09:06 minutes.

Artist: Brian Woodbury
Release date: 2000
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative
Tracks: 17
Duration: 01:09:06
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No. Title Length
1. Have You Seen My Serene? (featuring Chris Rael & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 5:34
2. Unspoken Love (featuring Keith Fluitt) 5:26
3. Another Thing Goin' (featuring Jill Sobule) 3:29
4. Hippies, Rise! (featuring Suzy Williams & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 4:26
5. Explain the Rain (featuring Terre Roche) 2:38
6. Don't Be Afraid of the Stupid (featuring Deb Hiett- Borgia & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 3:37
7. Depending On You (featuring Lee Munn-Arvinger & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 4:02
8. Little Tiny Boats (featuring Carmen Borgia) 3:22
9. (Write It On a Little Yellow) Post-it (featuring David Yazbek & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 3:29
10. Someone Who Died (featuring Dudley Saunders & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 2:22
11. She's Looking for Him (featuring Oren Bloedow) 4:09
12. My Africa (featuring Joe Moe & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 4:24
13. Let's Do Everything 4:21
14. Santa Monica (featuring Paul Perry & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 3:45
15. Peaceful River (featuring Brian Dewan) 4:23
16. Twice As Lonely (featuring Nancy Howell & The Brian Woodbury Songbook) 4:33
17. Steal This Song (featuring Bill Burnett) 5:06



Although Brian Woodbury is the billed artist on this CD, he's more the conceptualist than the performer. He wrote all the songs (with the exception of some of the lyrics on one number) and plays keyboards, but only sings one track, with a rotating cast of about 20 other singers handling the vocal duties on the rest of the material. A few of those singers have some name recognition (notably Jill Sobule and Terre Roche), but most of them are as little known as, well, Woodbury himself. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what Woodbury does, though in general he's a songsmith with feet in the pop, rock, and theatrical camps, somewhat in the spirit of Van Dyke Parks (with whom he's collaborated). He's a playful genre-hopper, sometimes going into orchestrated pop reminiscent of Brian Wilson's goofier excursions ("Have You Seen My Serene?"), at other times sounding like a more mainstream Elvis Costello, and at others sounding like a less mainstream take on late-20th century adult contemporary. Traces of country & western, folk, and various world musics get their time in, too. Although the words are sometimes quirky takes on hippies, Hawaii, and the quite weird pride anthem "My Africa," about as often they're more standard musings on romantic attraction and conflict. For all its eclectic ambition, though, it's kind of bland. The singers aren't exceptional, the words are frequently strained in their artful cleverness, and the melodies aren't that good, despite the composer's obvious affection for numerous popular music genres.