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Download links and information about Edutainment by Boogie Down Productions. This album was released in 1990 and it belongs to Hip Hop/R&B, Rap genres. It contains 21 tracks with total duration of 01:09:52 minutes.

Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Release date: 1990
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Rap
Tracks: 21
Duration: 01:09:52
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No. Title Length
1. Exhibit A 1:40
2. Blackman In Effect 4:40
3. Ya Know the Rules 3:49
4. Exhibit B 0:51
5. Beef 2:29
6. House N***a's 4:31
7. Exhibit C 0:13
8. Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love) 6:39
9. 100 Guns 3:57
10. Ya Strugglin' (feat. Kwame Toure) 3:14
11. Breath Control II 3:55
12. Exhibit D 0:40
13. Edutainment 3:04
14. The Homeless 2:24
15. Exhibit E 0:38
16. The Kenny Parker Show 5:29
17. Original Lyrics (Featuring Special "K") 4:02
18. The Racist 3:22
19. 7 Dee Jays 9:17
20. 30 Cops or More 4:03
21. Exhibit F 0:55



1990’s Edutainment is the first fully formed attempt at a theory that KRS-One had been developing since By All Means Necessary: that academic-level instruction in history, philosophy, and social science could be fused with the grassroots culture of hip-hop to create a newly catalyzing form of music. “You Know the Rules,” “Blackman in Effect,” and “Edutainment” work because they refuse to separate message from messiah. KRS embodied and expanded the role of prophet and professor in hip-hop, and he got away with it because his delivery was rough and raw. Edutainment is the rare hip-hop album that was produced and rapped almost entirely by one person.