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Fy-Ah, Fy-Ah - The JAD Masters, 1967-1970 (Remastered) [Box Set]


Download links and information about Fy-Ah, Fy-Ah - The JAD Masters, 1967-1970 (Remastered) [Box Set] by The Wailers, Bob Marley. This album was released in 2004 and it belongs to Reggae, Roots Reggae genres. It contains 69 tracks with total duration of 03:22:26 minutes.

Artist: The Wailers, Bob Marley
Release date: 2004
Genre: Reggae, Roots Reggae
Tracks: 69
Duration: 03:22:26
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No. Title Length
1. Fire Fire 1:53
2. Bend Down Low (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 2:31
3. Freedom Time 2:47
4. Dem a Fi Get a Beatin' 1:50
5. Play Play 2:35
6. This Train (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 3:37
7. Funeral 3:20
8. Hypocrites 2:43
9. Mellow Mood (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 3:29
10. Pound Get a Blow 2:44
11. Stir It Up 3:08
12. Thank You Lord (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 3:35
13. Nice Time (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 2:42
14. Bus Dem Shut 2:42
15. Steppin' Razor 2:26
16. Don't Rock My Boat 2:33
17. The Lord Will Make Away Somehow 2:14
18. I'm Hurting Inside 3:15
19. Chances Are (Wail'n Soul'm Version) 3:20
20. Lyrical Satirical I 2:43
21. Hypocrites (Version) 2:41
22. Mellow Mood (Version) 3:28
23. Thank You Lord (Version) 3:41
24. Nice Time (Version) 2:37
25. Sugar Sugar 2:48
26. Soul Shakedown Party 3:09
27. Cheer Up 2:02
28. Stop That Train 2:19
29. Soul Captives 2:03
30. Caution 2:43
31. Can't You See 2:42
32. Do It Twice 2:47
33. Soon Come 2:23
34. Go Tell It On the Mountain 3:14
35. Back Out 2:17
36. Mr. Chatterbox 2:38
37. Adam & Eve 3:07
38. Thank You Lord (Pounder Version) 3:20
39. Wisdom 3:13
40. This Train (Pounder Version) 3:37
41. Selassie Is the Chapel 3:52
42. A Little Prayer 3:28
43. Soul Shake Down Party (Version) 3:07
44. Soon Come (Version) 2:24
45. Mr. Chatterbox (Version) 3:03
46. How Many Times 3:06
47. Touch Me 3:04
48. Bend Down Low 3:29
49. Rocking Steady 1:50
50. Soul Rebel 3:53
51. Nice Time (JAD Version) 2:48
52. Gonna Get You 3:14
53. There She Goes 2:34
54. Hammer 2:56
55. Stay With Me 2:59
56. Chances Are 3:21
57. Treat You Right 2:18
58. Stranger On the Shore 2:51
59. Fallin' In and Out of Love 4:08
60. Mellow Mood 2:36
61. Milk Shake and Potato Chips 2:46
62. Put It On 3:03
63. Splish for My Splash 2:16
64. The World Is Changing 2:39
65. What Goes Around Comes Around 4:14
66. It Hurts to Be Alone 2:37
67. What Goes Around Comes Around (Version) 4:14
68. One Love, True Love (Demo Version) 3:48
69. How Many Times (Dub Plate Special) 2:52



Despite being encased in a handsome box set featuring a 16-page booklet decorated with nice graphics, the rambling liner notes and other documentation don't give a totally clear idea of when the 68 tracks on this three-CD package were recorded, or (less forgivably) a totally clear context of how they fit into Bob Marley & the Wailers' career. It's more important to enjoy vintage reggae than to get upset about the historical details, however, and all you really need to know is that this material was cut circa 1967-1970, mostly for JAD (though there are a half-dozen sides identified as "Wail'n'Soul'm" versions, presumably indicating recordings done for their own Wail'n'Soul'm label). Most important of all, this is really first-rate early reggae music, from a juncture in the group's career that's been too ill-documented, despite having yielded much fine work. While relatively few of these songs will be familiar to many Marley/Wailers fans (an early version of "Stir It Up" and "Soul Rebel" being exceptions), it could be argued that at no other time did the band strike such an even balance between early reggae, lingering American soul influences, tender love songs, and stirring social consciousness. The production is for the most part pretty clear, and always lighter and more basic than the somewhat slicker recordings through which Bob Marley & the Wailers would rise to international stardom in the 1970s. Sometimes there's even a mild pop touch, particularly as non-Jamaican musicians (including guitarist Eric Gale, drummer Bernard Purdie, and jazzman Hugh Masekela) play on some of the cuts. Too, there's a real sense of these singers being a true group, even if Marley wrote the lion's share of the tunes, as there's so much effective give-and-take vocal harmonies among the Wailers (with Rita Marley's voice frequently heard in the mix). There are too many quality songs to specifically cite in one or two paragraphs, but "How Many Times," "Gonna Get You," "Freedom Time," "Fire Fire," "Rocking Steady," "Hypocrites," "Can't You See," and "Mr. Chatterbox" are all among the outstanding ones. As for less expected covers, you have the Archies' "Sugar Sugar," the traditional spiritual "This Train," and pretty nice American pop-influenced tunes written by JAD's Jimmy Norman and his collaborators, while emerging Rastafarianism can be heard in "Selassie Is the Chapel." Eight "versions," less essential than the fully vocalized renditions but nice for collectors to have, fill out the CDs, the last of which ends with a demo of "One Love, True Love" and a "Dub Plate special" of "How Many Times."