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Songs of Freedom


Download links and information about Songs of Freedom by Bob Marley. This album was released in 1992 and it belongs to Reggae, Roots Reggae, World Music genres. It contains 78 tracks with total duration of 04:57:39 minutes.

Artist: Bob Marley
Release date: 1992
Genre: Reggae, Roots Reggae, World Music
Tracks: 78
Duration: 04:57:39
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No. Title Length
1. Judge Not 2:26
2. One Cup of Coffee 2:34
3. Simmer Down (featuring The Wailers) 2:47
4. I'm Still Waiting (featuring The Wailers) 3:05
5. One Love / People Get Ready (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 3:19
6. Put It On (featuring The Wailers) 3:06
7. Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka) (featuring The Wailers) 2:46
8. Mellow Mood (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 3:29
9. Bend Down Low (featuring The Wailers) 2:30
10. Hypocrites (featuring The Wailers) 2:35
11. Stir It Up (First Version) (featuring The Wailers) 3:10
12. Nice Time (featuring The Wailers) 2:43
13. Thank You Lord (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 3:40
14. Hammer (featuring The Wailers) 2:56
15. Caution (featuring The Wailers) 2:42
16. Back Out (featuring The Wailers) 2:17
17. Soul Shake Down Party (featuring The Wailers) 3:04
18. Do It Twice (featuring The Wailers) 2:46
19. Soul Rebel (featuring The Wailers) 3:18
20. Sun Is Shining (featuring The Wailers) 2:11
21. Don't Rock the Boat (featuring The Wailers) 4:30
22. Small Axe (featuring The Wailers) 3:51
23. Duppy Conqueror (featuring The Wailers) 3:39
24. Mr. Brown (featuring The Wailers) 3:32
25. Screwface (featuring The Wailers) 2:23
26. Lick Samba (featuring The Wailers) 2:33
27. Trenchtown Rock (Alternate Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 3:28
28. Craven Choke Puppy (featuring The Wailers) 2:52
29. Guava Jelly (featuring The Wailers) 2:15
30. Acoustic Medley 12:05
31. I'm Hurting Inside (Alternate Mix) 3:28
32. High Tide or Low Tide (Previously Unreleased) (featuring The Wailers) 4:08
33. Slave Driver (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 2:51
34. No More Trouble (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 3:58
35. Concrete Jungle (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 4:10
36. Get Up, Stand Up (featuring The Wailers) 3:14
37. Rastaman Chant (featuring The Wailers) 3:49
38. Burnin' and Lootin' (featuring The Wailers) 4:13
39. Iron Lion Zion (Original) (featuring The Wailers) 2:55
40. Lively Up Yourself (featuring The Wailers) 5:10
41. Natty Dread (featuring The Wailers) 3:32
42. I Shot the Sheriff (Live) (featuring The Wailers) 5:24
43. No Woman, No Cry (Live At the Roxy) (featuring The Wailers) 5:23
44. Who the Cap Fit (Full Version) (featuring The Wailers) 4:42
45. Jah Live (featuring The Wailers) 4:15
46. Crazy Baldhead (featuring The Wailers) 3:10
47. War (featuring The Wailers) 3:36
48. Johnny Was (featuring The Wailers) 3:46
49. Rat Race ("Songs of Freedom" Version) (featuring The Wailers) 2:49
50. Jamming (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 5:45
51. Waiting In Vain (Advent Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 3:59
52. Exodus (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 7:24
53. Natural Mystic (featuring The Wailers) 3:28
54. Three Little Birds (Alternate Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 2:56
55. Running Away (featuring The Wailers) 4:14
56. Keep On Moving (London Version) (featuring The Wailers) 5:44
57. Easy Skanking (featuring The Wailers) 2:56
58. Is This Love (Horns Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 4:00
59. Smile Jamaica (featuring The Wailers) 3:12
60. Time Will Tell (Live) (featuring The Wailers) 3:31
61. Africa Unite (featuring The Wailers) 2:54
62. Survival (featuring The Wailers) 3:52
63. One Drop (featuring The Wailers) 3:51
64. One Dub (featuring The Wailers) 3:53
65. Zimbabwe (featuring The Wailers) 3:47
66. So Much Trouble In the World (featuring The Wailers) 3:57
67. Ride Natty Ride (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 6:22
68. Babylon System (featuring The Wailers) 4:18
69. Coming In from the Cold (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 6:04
70. Real Situation (featuring The Wailers) 3:08
71. Bad Card (featuring The Wailers) 2:47
72. Could You Be Loved (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 5:26
73. Forever Loving Jah (featuring The Wailers) 3:50
74. Rastaman Live Up! (featuring The Wailers) 5:19
75. Give Thanks and Praises (featuring The Wailers) 3:13
76. One Love / People Get Ready (12" Mix) (featuring The Wailers) 7:07
77. Why Should I (featuring The Wailers) 3:31
78. Redemption Song (Live In Pittsburgh) (featuring The Wailers) 4:06



Originally released as a limited-edition box set in 1992, Songs of Freedom presents an alternate history of Bob Marley's career, tracing his progression with outtakes, rare singles, alternate mixes, live tracks, and album tracks instead of the songs that formed the bulk of his legacy, as it were. The question is, is this a reasonable track to take? For the most part, yes it is, even if it tends to be a little misleading. That problem isn't too great, since Songs of Freedom isn't targeted at the audience that would want just the basics — Legend already exists for them, and that sums up everything they need to know about Marley, the ambassador of reggae. The remainder of Marley's audience realizes this box exists just to get rarities to the diehards, and they're thrilled that it exists for that purpose. Because of its nature, Songs of Freedom isn't especially compelling to anyone that isn't a hardcore fan — although the first disc of ska and rocksteady material will be delightful to anyone that likes early reggae and isn't thrilled by Marley's rock-star posturing in the '70s — but for those very fans, it's a valuable addition to their collection, since it rounds up rarities with ease and purpose. What Songs of Freedom should not be seen as is a definitive overview of Marley's career — it's just for collectors and hardcore fans, the kind of listener who has memorized the original studio albums. For those listeners, it's hard to resist Songs of Freedom, but everybody else will be able to safely pass it by.