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Beach Party (The House Selection)


Download links and information about Beach Party (The House Selection). This album was released in 2014 and it belongs to House, Dancefloor, Dance Pop genres. It contains 50 tracks with total duration of 04:45:47 minutes.

Release date: 2014
Genre: House, Dancefloor, Dance Pop
Tracks: 50
Duration: 04:45:47
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No. Title Length
1. A Vida (Rio de Janeiro Mix) [feat. Brazilian Friends] (DJ Kommy) 4:28
2. Radio Ga Ga (Stefano Valli Club Mix) (DJ Global Byte) 5:49
3. You're Not the One (House of Night Mix) [feat. Faith] (Dani Corbalan) 6:10
4. Moments in Love (Radio Edit) (DJ Global Byte) 4:07
5. Save a Prayer (Club Mix) (S. Vee) 5:21
6. How It Feels to Be Run Over (Quadratik Mix) (Superbass) 5:45
7. Ultra Flava (S.V. Night Mix) (Stefano Valli Project) 6:09
8. Cada Vez (Real DJ Extended Remix) (Bay Area) 5:54
9. Come Into My Eyes (Come Into My Life) [Beach Groovers Mix] (Train Inc) 5:43
10. The Dispatch Bearer (The Tribal Beach Mix) (Miami Groove Ensemble) 5:42
11. Ah! (House Master Mix) (Ronald Franklin) 5:52
12. Marine Star (Pianogroove Mix) (Marine Star) 5:45
13. Incubated Baby (Emerald Tribal Mix) (House Elementz) 5:40
14. A Reservist (House 4 House Mix) (Patt Backett) 5:42
15. A Midnight Cupid (Antartic Mix) (Nightlife) 5:41
16. The Great Deep (Spacenight Mix) (The Quantum Project) 5:40
17. The Angel in the Studio (Percussive Onda Mix) (Tribeca Motel) 5:42
18. The Twisted Trail (Black Jag Mix) (Destex Dee) 5:45
19. The Call to Arms (Sandrino's Deep Mix) (Barrett) 5:40
20. Help Robin Grey (House for Funk Mix) (Phuture Gold) 5:47
21. A Deep Collisions (Ultratribal Mix) (Frank Fuldon) 5:41
22. It's My Sound (House Extasy Mix) [feat. Soraya] (House Sector) 7:16
23. Love Among the Roses (Deephouse Rhythms Mix) (Black City) 5:41
24. Iron Money (House Sector Mix) (Zaar) 5:47
25. Salt's Works (Rolls Royced Mix) (Rocco Marera) 5:44
26. Charge of the Lancers (Hotel Motel Mix) (White Rhythms) 5:46
27. Reception (Pacific Groove Mix) (Tribaphonic) 5:42
28. Baby I Miss You (Undervocal Mix) [feat. Princess] (Iceberg) 5:48
29. The Stolen Stockings (House Zone Mix) (Pianofingher) 5:49
30. Kammatograph Disk (Frequenced Mix) (Gamma 3) 5:42
31. Entry of Team (Black Conga Mix) (Congaboy) 5:45
32. Le Serment (Saxxx Mix) (La Phonique) 5:46
33. Visservloot (Dark Wave Mix) (Pacific Night Project) 5:55
34. The Thread of Destiny (Tribal Mix) (Congotron) 5:41
35. Lurline Baths (Tribu Tribe Mix) (Trainmann) 5:41
36. The Oath and the Man (Long Groove Mix) (Mark Moragui) 5:43
37. His Last (My House Mix) (Groovestarz) 5:43
38. Gold Is Not All (House for Gold Mix) [feat. Gola] (Jeff Goldmann) 5:47
39. Maidenhead Junction (Piano & Melody Mix) (Marius) 5:40
40. Winning the V.C. (Jet Set Mix) (Anthony Maserati) 5:46
41. First Avenue (House Mix) (Kubik Kino) 5:46
42. L'aventuriere (Night Tribal Mix) (David Rimmel) 5:40
43. When a Man Loves (House Lovers Mix) (Sander Brin) 5:40
44. The Diamond Star (Shining House Groove) (Cristallo) 5:48
45. Golden Gulch (Mainfloor House Mix) (Moon Express) 5:42
46. Happy Thoughts (Percussive Mix) (Tribal Rhythms) 5:40
47. Pre World (Harthouse Mix) (Daniel Tempest) 5:45
48. The Call (Deep Mix) (Brian Vee) 5:41
49. Surf At Montered (Modell & Mercier Mix) (Fantagroove) 5:41
50. Extra Undressing (Tribalized Mix) (Jilles Dumont) 5:39