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A State of Trance Year Mix 2013 (Mixed By Armin van Buuren)


Download links and information about A State of Trance Year Mix 2013 (Mixed By Armin van Buuren) by Armin Van Buuren. This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to Trance, Rock, Dancefloor, Dance Pop genres. It contains 104 tracks with total duration of 08:15:06 minutes.

Artist: Armin Van Buuren
Release date: 2013
Genre: Trance, Rock, Dancefloor, Dance Pop
Tracks: 104
Duration: 08:15:06
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No. Title Length
1. Intro - The Oath (A State of Trance Year Mix 2013) 1:44
2. The Light (Radio Edit) (featuring Omnia) 2:57
3. Sinai (Edit) (featuring Ilan Bluestone) 4:10
4. Satellite (feat. Stine Grove) [Aurosonic Progressive Radio Edit] (featuring Headstrong) 3:30
5. Skylarking (Radio Edit) (featuring BT) 3:26
6. 7Even (feat. Jaren) [Radio Edit] (featuring Andy Duguid) 4:12
7. Bones (feat. Everything By Electricity) [Radio Edit] (featuring Omnia) 3:14
8. As We Collide (Orjan Nilsen Radio Edit) (featuring Paul Oakenfold, Christian Burns, Jes) 3:04
9. The Funeral (Dash Berlin Radio Edit) (featuring Band Of Horses) 4:12
10. Lullaby Lonely (feat. Sveta B.) [Progressive Mix Edit] (featuring Denis Kenzo) 3:35
11. Steal You Away (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Radio Edit] (featuring Dash Berlin, Alexander Popov) 3:00
12. Apollo (feat. Amba Shepherd) [Dash Berlin 4AM Remix Edit] (featuring Hardwell) 4:48
13. Forever Is Ours (feat. Emma Hewitt) 6:41
14. Wayfarer (Edit) (featuring Audien) 3:26
15. Immersion (Radio Edit) (featuring Omnia) 3:50
16. Violetta (Radio Edit) (featuring Ørjan Nilsen / Orjan Nilsen) 3:15
17. Thunder (Official Radio Edit) (featuring W&W) 2:58
18. The Code (Radio Edit) (featuring Ummet, W&W) 2:45
19. Requiem (Radio Edit) (featuring Mark Sixma) 3:42
20. Xiing (Radio Edit) (featuring Ørjan Nilsen / Orjan Nilsen) 2:53
21. Many Ways (feat. Jenny Wahlström) [Radio Edit] (featuring Ferry Corsten) 3:16
22. Violin's Revenge (feat. Ilseviolin) [Dark Club Radio Edit] (featuring Lange) 3:58
23. Rise Again (feat. Lucy Saunders) [Omnia Radio Edit] (featuring Ronski Speed) 3:39
24. Silence (feat. Nanje Nowack) [Tommy Johnson Remix Edit] (featuring Johan De Kock, Stefan Viljoen) 4:36
25. Siren (feat. elkka) [Armin van Buuren Radio Edit] (featuring Kat Krazy) 3:13
26. For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix Edit) (featuring Ana Criado, Bobina) 4:02
27. Nehalennia (Radio Edit) (featuring Arty) 4:05
28. L.A. (Edit) (featuring Super8 & Tab) 3:18
29. Love Never Came (feat. Richard Bedford) 7:00
30. Surrounded (Super8 & Tab Radio Edit) (featuring Aqualung, BT) 3:23
31. Downpipe (Armin van Buuren Radio Edit) (featuring Mark Knight, D. Ramirez, Underworld) 3:46
32. D# Fat (Radio Edit) (featuring W&W) 3:15
33. Beautiful Life (feat. Cindy Alma) [Protoculture Radio Edit] 3:51
34. This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie) [W&W Radio Edit] 3:26
35. Sound of the Drums (feat. Laura Jansen) 3:55
36. Dinodrums (Radio Edit) (featuring Estiva) 3:16
37. Love Again (Andrew Rayel Radio Edit) (featuring Andy Moor, Betsie Larkin) 3:43
38. Still Holding On (feat. Aruna) [Arisen Flame Radio Edit] (featuring Conjure One) 3:56
39. Gladius (Radio Edit) (featuring Arisen Flame) 3:35
40. Find Me (feat. Tania Zygar) [Radio Edit] (featuring Shogun) 4:10
41. Dreams (feat. Natalie Gioia) [Radio Edit] (featuring Alex M. O. R. P. H.) 4:22
42. Game Over (Radio Edit) (featuring Heatbeat) 4:01
43. So Get Up (Radio Edit) (featuring Cosmic Gate) 3:41
44. Rewind (Mikkas Radio Edit) (featuring Emma Hewitt) 3:35
45. Waiting for the Night (feat. Fiora) [Radio Edit] 3:04
46. Jar of Hearts (feat. Christina Novelli) [Radio Edit] (featuring Dash Berlin) 3:41
47. Go It Alone (feat. Sarah Howells) [Andrew Rayel Radio Edit] (featuring Dash Berlin) 4:00
48. Love Will Bring It All Around (Radio Edit) (featuring Giuseppe Ottaviani, Eric Lumiere) 3:45
49. Character (Radio Edit) (featuring Mark Sixma) 3:45
50. Aurora (Radio Edit) (featuring Beat Service) 3:22
51. Lift Off! (Radio Edit) (featuring W&W) 3:04
52. Until the End (Club Radio Edit) (featuring Jwaydan, Andrew Rayel) 3:10
53. Humming the Lights (Radio Edit) (featuring Armin Van Buuren Gaia) 3:34
54. Damavand (Radio Edit) (featuring Alexandre Bergheau) 3:45
55. Elements of Nature (Radio Edit) (featuring Rank 1, M. I. K. E.) 3:54
56. A State of Trance Year Mix 2013 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 1) 58:21
57. Remember This (Radio Edit) (featuring Markus Schulz) 3:32
58. The Other Side (Radio Edit) (featuring Skytech) 2:59
59. The Evil ID (Radio Edit) (featuring Max Graham) 3:45
60. Sacramentum (Andrew Rayel Aether Radio Edit) (featuring Bobina, Andrew Rayel) 4:14
61. Musa (Radio Edit) (featuring Andrew Rayel) 3:35
62. Grotesque (Radio Edit) (featuring RAM, Alex M. O. R. P. H.) 3:36
63. An Angel's Love (feat. Sylvia Tosun) [Andrew Rayel Aether Radio Edit] (featuring Alex M. O. R. P. H.) 3:32
64. Nangulan (Radio Edit) (featuring Woody Van Eyden) 3:45
65. Dark Warrior (Official Radio Edit) (featuring Andrew Rayel) 2:31
66. The Expedition - A State of Trance 600 Anthem (Radio Edit) (featuring Markus Schulz) 2:48
67. Intense (feat. Miri Ben-Ari) [Radio Edit] 2:53
68. Love Theme from Blade Runner (Pure Mix Edit) (featuring Solarstone) 3:37
69. Mafioso (Mark Sixma Radio Edit) (featuring Ørjan Nilsen / Orjan Nilsen) 3:58
70. Visions (Radio Edit) (featuring MaRLo) 3:21
71. Unity (Radio Edit) (featuring Arisen Flame) 3:40
72. Six Zero Zero (Radio Edit) (featuring Jorn Van Deynhoven) 3:39
73. Zeus (Radio Edit) (featuring Andrew Rayel) 3:27
74. The One (feat. Lucy Pullin) [Radio Edit] (featuring Simon Patterson) 3:14
75. Boom (Radio Edit) (featuring MaRLo) 3:22
76. Apache (Official Radio Edit) (featuring Fisherman & Hawkins) 2:50
77. F the Bull$H1t (Edit) (featuring Ferry Corsten) 3:17
78. Theatrum (Radio Edit) (featuring Antony Waldhorn) 4:21
79. Exodus (feat. D-Sharp) [Radio Edit] (featuring Andy Blueman, Driftmoon) 4:16
80. Lost Language (Radio Edit) (featuring Alexander Popov) 3:24
81. Jewel (Pure Radio Edit) (featuring Clare Stagg, Solarstone) 3:37
82. Black Hole (Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit) (featuring Christina Novelli, Craig Connelly) 3:59
83. Conqueror (Radio Edit) (featuring Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic) 3:53
84. Cheops (Edit) (featuring Matt Bukovski, Andy Elliass, Abys) 4:12
85. Beyond the Time (Radio Edit) (featuring A. R. D. I.) 3:51
86. Without You (Radio Edit) (featuring Susana, Aly & Fila) 3:05
87. Ramelia (Tribute To Amelia) [Radio Edit] (featuring Susana, RAM) 3:25
88. Anywhere With You (feat. Stine Grove) [Solarstone Pure Mix Edit] (featuring The Thrillseekers) 4:28
89. Gunsmoke (Radio Edit) (featuring Björn Akesson / Bjorn Akesson) 3:25
90. Apprehension (Aly & Fila Mix Edit) (featuring Sergey Nevone, Simon O'Shine) 4:26
91. Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Radio Edit) 3:36
92. Napalm Poet (Edit) (featuring Adam Ellis) 3:54
93. Mysteries Unfold (feat. Sue McLaren) [Uplifting Radio Edit] (featuring Aly & Fila) 3:58
94. Brush Strokes (Radio Edit) (featuring Simon Patterson) 4:21
95. Silhouette (Allen & Envy Radio Edit) (featuring Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight, Sarah Lynn) 3:38
96. Yugen (Edit) (featuring Avengers) 5:05
97. Never Ending (Bryan Kearney Remix Edit) (featuring Active Sight, M. I. K. E., Fred Baker) 4:39
98. First Coming (Ian Standerwick Remix Edit) (featuring Ciro Visone) 4:54
99. Folding Your Universe (Radio Edit) (featuring ReOrder, Ian Standerwick, Skypatrol) 3:53
100. Ramnesia (Radio Edit) (featuring RAM) 3:54
101. What It's Like (Sneijder Radio Edit) (featuring Andain) 3:22
102. Proper Order (Edit) (featuring Sneijder, Bryan Kearney) 4:39
103. Outro - A Matter of What You Believe In (A State of Trance Year Mix 2013) 0:47
104. A State of Trance Year Mix 2013 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2) 1:00:40



Armin Van Buuren is one of the leading lights in the international trance music community, and in addition to hosting the popular radio show "A State of Trance" and collaborating with a variety of artists in the studio, he makes a special appearance each year at Club Amnesia in Ibiza, spinning live sets for discriminating patrons in the world capital of electronic dance music. Universal Religion, Chapter 4 replicates one of Van Buuren's favorite live mixes, featuring 14 tracks from some of his favorite artists. Selections include "Tuvan (Gareth Emry Remix)" by Gaia, "Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix)" by BT featuring Jes, "Sin City (Rex Mundi Remix)" by Dakota, "Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)" by RAM, and many more.