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Holy Soul Jelly Roll


Download links and information about Holy Soul Jelly Roll by Allen Ginsberg. This album was released in 1994 and it belongs to Rock, Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 52 tracks with total duration of 05:03:43 minutes.

Artist: Allen Ginsberg
Release date: 1994
Genre: Rock, Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 52
Duration: 05:03:43
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No. Title Length
1. Walking at Night in Key West 0:45
2. A Mad Gleam 0:35
3. The Green Automobile 8:54
4. A Supermarket in California 2:42
5. Howl (for Carl Solomon) 32:00
6. Footnote to Howl 3:33
7. America 9:04
8. Sunflower Sutra 6:23
9. Green Valentine Blues 3:02
10. Death to Van Gogh's Ear 10:11
11. Kaddish (for Naomi Ginsberg) 1:03:49
12. To Aunt Rose 3:31
13. Kral Majales 5:03
14. Guru 3:28
15. Wales Visitation 6:49
16. The End (featuring Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, Michael Blair) 2:06
17. I am a Victim of Telephone 1:34
18. The Echoing Green (featuring Bob Dorough) 1:26
19. The Lamb (featuring Bob Dorough, Janet Zeitz) 1:14
20. (A) Little Boy Lost (B) Little Boy Found (featuring Bob Dorough, Janet Zeitz) 1:08
21. Laughing Song (featuring Bob Dorough, Don Cherry, Janet Zeitz, Cyril Caster) 1:26
22. The Sick Rose (featuring Bob Dorough) 1:41
23. Nurse's Song (Experience) (featuring Peter Orlovsky) 2:11
24. City Midnight Junk Strains (for Frank O’Hara) 4:47
25. A Cradle Song (featuring Arthur Russell) 5:03
26. Infant Joy (featuring Arthur Russell) 2:19
27. The Fly (featuring Arthur Russell, Peter Hornbeck) 0:46
28. Voice of the Bard (featuring Arthur Russell) 1:14
29. School Boy (featuring Arthur Russell) 3:52
30. A Dream (featuring Arthur Russell, Bob Dylan, David Amram, Perry Robinson, Peter Orlovsky, Jon Sholle) 6:17
31. Who Be Kind To 7:22
32. First Party At Ken Kesey’s with Hell’s Angels 1:16
33. Pacific High Studio Mantra’s (Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum) (featuring Arthur Russell, Peter Hornbeck, Jon Sholle, Alan Senauke, Jon Meyer) 5:27
34. Wichita Vortex Sutra, Pt. 3 (featuring Philip Glass) 7:43
35. Nurse's Song (Innocence) (featuring Steven Taylor, Gregory Corso, Peter Orlovsky) 7:19
36. Pull My Daisy 1:38
37. Capitol Air (featuring Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Paul Simonon, Topper Headon) 6:08
38. Written in my Dreams by W.C Williams (featuring Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, Steve Swallow, Ralph Carney) 2:16
39. CIA Dope Calypso (featuring Arthur Russell, Steven Taylor, David Mansfield, Jon Sholle) 3:29
40. Vomit Express (featuring Bob Dylan, Surya, David Amram, Anne Waldman, Perry Robinson, Peter Orlovsky, Jon Sholle, Happy Traum) 6:37
41. Please Master 4:55
42. The Little Fish Devours the Big Fish (featuring Elvin Jones) 5:01
43. Prayer Blues 5:59
44. Birdbrain (featuring MikeChapelle, Mark Frye) 6:43
45. Gospel Noble Truths (featuring Arthur Russell, Steven Taylor, David Mansfield, Jon Sholle) 4:42
46. Hum Bom 2:59
47. Airplane Bllues (featuring Bob Dylan, Steven Taylor, David Mansfield) 4:25
48. On Neal's Ashes 0:46
49. September on Jessore Road (featuring Bob Dylan, David Amram, Steven Taylor, Jon Sholle) 10:36
50. Father Death Blues (featuring Arthur Russell, Steven Taylor, Jon Sholle) 3:45
51. Do the Meditation Rock (featuring Steven Taylor) 4:18
52. After Lalon Shah 3:26



Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Songs & Poems (1994) is an ambitious collection from the now-defunct WordBeat division of Rhino Records. This astounding aural compendium features the collected recordings of beat poet/writer/activist Allen Ginsberg. Accompanying the discs is a 64-page text replete with not only Ginsberg's own recollections and track-by-track analysis, but also contributions from a who's who of hip, including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure, Bob Dorough, and Bob Dylan. Ginsberg's contribution to post-World War II literature and culture is incalculable. Among his earliest influences were the talkin' blues of Ma Rainey, Leadbelly, and Bessie Smith. In part, Ginsberg's genius lies in adapting his fascination with that traditional American lyric form into his often scatological poetry and prose. Each of the four volumes is presented with a rough chronology of materials — ranging from professional to very private recordings. Among the more interesting are the earliest lot on volume one, "Moloch!" — a majority of which are derived from homemade tapes — from sources as disparate as Neal Cassidy or Laurence Lipton's respective dwellings to the Town Hall Theatre in Berkeley, CA. The highlight of the disc, however, is an unexpurgated reading of the epic "Howl," which is presented in its half-hour entirety. Volume two, "Caw Caw," commences with the 63-plus-minute reading of "Kaddish (For Naomi Ginsberg 1894-1956)" from a November 24, 1964, recitation at Brandeis University that was the focus of Allen Ginsberg Reads Kaddish: A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem (1966). Also on this second volume are "To Aunt Rose" and "Guru" from the Hal Willner-produced Lions for Real (1989) disc — plus, a 1965 rarity, "Kral Majales (King of May)," which was included on the Cold Turkey Press/Klacto Present a Cold Turkey Press Special (1972) LP issued only in Holland. Volume three, "Ah," includes several astonishing pieces, commencing with the previously unissued version of "Wales Visitation" — which is described in the liner notes by Ginsberg as having been conceived during the "sixth or so hour of an acid trip in Wales." The majority of the disc consists of tracks from the Allen Ginsberg/William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience (1970) word and musical jazz album. This title features notable contributions from jazz legends Don Cherry (percussion/trumpet) and Bob Dorough (keyboard/harpsichord). There is also a handful of previously unearthed material from Pacific High Studios in San Francisco, documented during the summer of 1971. Pop and rock music fans will perhaps be most drawn to the rarities on volume four, "Ashes & Blues." Here are unreleased collaborations with the Clash ("Capitol Air") and Bob Dylan (" Vomit Express," "Airplane Blues," and "September on Jessore Road").