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55 Lounge Soundtracks


Download links and information about 55 Lounge Soundtracks. This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to Lounge genres. It contains 55 tracks with total duration of 03:30:09 minutes.

Release date: 2013
Genre: Lounge
Tracks: 55
Duration: 03:30:09
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No. Title Length
1. Last Tango in Paris (From "Last Tango in Paris") (Sepia) 5:46
2. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (From "The Deer Hunter") [feat. Jose Roberto Betrami, Jeorge Pescara, Arnaldo De Souteiro & Haroldo Jobim] (ITHAMARA KOORAX) 5:36
3. Chico Desperado (From "Mi rifaccio vivo") [feat. Bruna Loppez] (Bossa Nostra) 4:39
4. Mambo Bacan (From "La donna del fiume") (Italian Secret Service) 5:30
5. The Flinstones (From "The Flinstones") (Sandro Comini, The Sagittarius Trio) 4:29
6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (From "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") (Gazzara) 5:48
7. Sesame Street Theme (From "Sesame Street") (Lumiere) 2:48
8. The Odd Couple (Party Version) (Capiozzo, Mecco) 3:43
9. Bladerunner (From "Bladerunner) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Angelino Albanese) 8:11
10. Gokart (From "Diciottenni al sole") (Orea Malia') 3:03
11. Be Bop a Lula (From "Gangster cerca moglie") (Challenger) 2:21
12. Un Uomo, Una Donna (From "Un uomo, una donna") (Montefiori Cocktail) 3:57
13. C'era una volta in america (From "C'era una volta in America") (Massimo Tagliata) 5:01
14. Reality (From "Il tempo delle mele") (The Shiffers) 2:40
15. The Windmills of Your Smile (From "The Thomas Crown Affair") (Orange Factory) 3:43
16. Goldfinger (From "Goldfinger") (Hammond Express) 4:15
17. Argomenti (From "Le casse") (12 Fingers) 5:30
18. Sandokan (From "Sandokan") [feat. The Shiffers] (Bengi Jumping) 1:38
19. Haupe (From "Anatomy of a Murder") (Italian Secret Service) 4:02
20. Cincinnati Kid (From "Cincinnati Kid") (JJ Vianello, The Soul Bullets) 4:10
21. Star Trek (From "Star Trek") (Montefiori Cocktail) 2:39
22. Rosemary's Baby (From "Rosemary's Baby") (Musetta) 2:10
23. Agains All Odds (From "Agains All Odds") (Caterina Soldati) 4:07
24. September Morn (From "The Jazz Singer") (Ely Bruna) 3:58
25. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (From "American Graffiti") (Ludovico Valoroso) 3:57
26. I Just Called to Say I Love You (From "Woman in Red") [feat. Andy Rise] (Ohm Guru) 4:21
27. Linus & Lucy (From "Peanuts") (Lumiere) 0:31
28. Smile (From "Modern Times") (Fred Buccini) 3:18
29. Underneath the Mango Tree (From "Dr. No") (Musetta) 2:31
30. Diamonds Are Forever (From "Diamonds Are Forever") (Hammond Express) 3:32
31. Why Don't You Do Right (From "Who Framed Roger Rabbit") (Sugarpie And The Candymen) 3:35
32. Stormy Weather (From "Stormy Weather") (João Donato / Joao Donato, Levita, Palmyra) 3:41
33. The Odd Couple Theme (From "The Odd Couple") (Capiozzo, Mecco) 1:22
34. On a clear day (From "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever") (Montefiori Cocktail) 4:42
35. More (From "Mondo Cane") (Matteo Brancaleoni) 3:28
36. Anonimo veneziano (From "Anonimo Veneziano") (Montefiori Cocktail) 3:28
37. Lady Marmalade (From "Moulin Rouge") (Sugarpie And The Candymen) 4:45
38. Pure Imagination (From "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory") [feat. Andrea Nardinocchi] (Maestro Garofalo) 3:35
39. September In The Rain (From "Melody For Two") (João Donato / Joao Donato, Levita, Palmyra) 4:09
40. Tomorrow (From "Annie") (Lumiere) 3:09
41. Eye of the Tiger (From "Rocky III") (Couture Chic) 3:24
42. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (From "The Big Chill) (Banda Brasileira) 4:11
43. September Song (From "Radio Days") (Christian Lisi) 3:17
44. Giù La Testa (From "Giù la testa") (St. Project) 3:30
45. Stadium (From "Domenica Sprint") (Hammond Express) 3:51
46. You Only Live Twice (From "You Only Live Twice") (St. Project) 2:39
47. Gran Torino (From "Gran Torino") (Dagmar'S Collective) 4:20
48. Tea For Two (From "No, No, Nanette") (João Donato / Joao Donato, Levita, Palmyra) 3:29
49. Un uomo e una donna (From "Un uomo e una donna") (Angelica) 4:28
50. Tomorrow (From "Annie") (Karin Maria Andersson) 3:57
51. Bullit (From "Bullit") (Sam Paglia) 4:22
52. Disco Inferno (From "Saturday Night Fever) (Sugarpie And The Candymen) 3:28
53. What a Difference a Day Made (From "Casino") (João Donato / Joao Donato, Levita, Palmyra) 2:34
54. Oh Happy Day (From "Sister Act 2") (Giorgia, Massimo Papasidero) 4:20
55. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (From "The Deer Hunter") (Andy Rise) 4:31