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100 Great Soundtracks... Movies Emotions...


Download links and information about 100 Great Soundtracks... Movies Emotions.... This album was released in 2013 and it belongs to Theatre/Soundtrack genres. It contains 100 tracks with total duration of 06:14:11 minutes.

Release date: 2013
Genre: Theatre/Soundtrack
Tracks: 100
Duration: 06:14:11
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No. Title Length
1. Tonight (From "West Side Story") (Teobaldo Busso) 2:36
2. My Heart Will Go On (From "Titanic") (Benedetta Caretta) 5:06
3. Tubular Bells (From "the Exorcist") (Studio Group) 3:36
4. One Day I'll Fly Away (From "Moulin Rouge!") (Benedetta Caretta) 3:45
5. L'ultimo dei Mohicani Theme (From "the Last of the Mohicans") (Jose Angel Velasco Hevia) 5:12
6. Gabriel's Oboe (From "the Mission") (Benedetta Caretta) 4:29
7. Unchained Melody (From "Ghost") (Benedetta Caretta) 3:47
8. C'era una volta il west Main Theme (From "C'era una volta il west") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:32
9. Per un pugno di dollari (From "Per un pugno di dollari") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 1:55
10. Gone with the Wind Theme (From "Gone with the wind") (John Caltran) 3:19
11. C'era una volta in America (From "C'era una volta in America") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 2:59
12. Smile (From "Life Is Beautiful") (Benedetta Caretta) 3:58
13. La vita è bella (From "Life is Beautiful") (Movie Trio, Fabiano Maniero, Alessandro Modenese) 4:09
14. Buongiorno principessa (From "Life is Beautiful") (Movie Trio) 3:13
15. Il postino (From "the Postman") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 2:45
16. Forrest Gump Main Theme (From "Forrest Gump") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 3:46
17. E.T. Theme (From "E.T.") (Nazca) 2:56
18. Hook (From "Hook") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 8:06
19. James Bond Theme (From "James Bond") (Roller Boys) 2:32
20. Goldfinger (From "007 Goldfinger") (John Caltran) 2:49
21. Live and Let Die (From "007, Live and Let Die") (Roller Boys) 3:01
22. Skyfall (From "007 Skyfall") (Betty) 4:46
23. Grease (From "Grease") (Hoppers) 4:51
24. Sandy (From "Grease") (Hoppers) 2:31
25. Hopelessly Devoted to You (From "Grease") (Hoppers) 3:48
26. Summer Nights (From "Grease") (Hoppers) 3:57
27. We Go Together (From "Grease") (Hoppers) 2:49
28. Memory (From "Cats") (Andrea Vassalini) 3:38
29. La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano Theme (From "La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 3:40
30. Gabriel's Oboe (From "the Mission") [Instrumental Version] (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:12
31. Il gladiatore Main Theme (From "the Gladiator") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 5:04
32. Ben Hur Main Theme (From "Ben Hur") (John Caltran) 2:12
33. Giù la testa Main Theme (From "Giù la testa") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:29
34. Schinder's List Theme (From "Shinder's List") (Movie Trio, Fabiano Maniero, Alessandro Modenese) 3:19
35. 1492 Conquest of Paradise Theme (From "1492 Conquest of Paradise") (Nazca) 4:47
36. La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano Theme (From "La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:31
37. The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti (From "Sacco and Vanzetti") (Giada Monteleone) 5:24
38. Over the Rainbow (From "the Wizard of Oz") (Orchestra Maffei String Quartet) 4:24
39. Il segreto del Sahara (From "the Secret of Sahara") (Movie Trio) 2:42
40. Hero (From "Hero") (Nazca) 4:13
41. The Mission Theme (From "the Mission") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:07
42. Le avventure di Pinocchio (From "Le avventure di Pinocchio") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 6:21
43. Aquarius (From "Hair") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:38
44. Footloose (From "Footloose") (Patty) 3:42
45. I Will Always Love You (From "the Bodyguard") (Nazca) 4:03
46. Valzer del commiato (From "Il Gattopardo") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:07
47. Otto e mezzo Theme (From "Otto e mezzo") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 4:13
48. Amarcord Theme (From "Amarcord") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 2:22
49. La strada Main Theme (From "La strada") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 5:28
50. Finale (From "La dolce vita") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:18
51. The Entertainer (From "the Sting") (Studio Group) 3:12
52. Ghostbusters (From "Ghostbusters") (Franco Tufano) 3:43
53. Sounds of Silence (From "the Graduate") (Hollywood Strings) 3:01
54. Rock Around the Clock (From "American Graffiti") (Studio Group) 2:26
55. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (From "America Graffiti") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:48
56. Sweet Home Chicago (From "the Blues Brothers") (Larry Ray) 3:26
57. Gimme Some Lovin' (From "the Blues Brothers") (Tom Swift) 2:33
58. I'm Easy (From "Nashville") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 2:30
59. Lara's Theme (From "Dr. Zivago") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:05
60. Moon River (From "Breakfast at Tiffany's") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 4:02
61. Cabaret (From "Cabaret") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 4:45
62. The Pink Panther Theme (From "the Pink Panther") (Fabio Cobelli) 2:34
63. I Got Rhythm (From "an American in Paris") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:07
64. Cheek to Cheek (From the "English Patient") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:53
65. Nuovo cinema paradiso Theme (From "Nuovo cinema paradiso") [Piano version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:01
66. Totò e Alfredo (From "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso") (Nino Rota Ensemble) 3:51
67. Over the Rainbow (From "the Wizard of Oz") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 3:55
68. Non rimane più nessuno (From "L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 2:58
69. Also Sprach Zarathustra (From "2001 Space Odissey") (Nazca) 3:04
70. Carmina Burana (From "Excalibur") (Nazca) 2:31
71. C'era una volta in America Theme (From "C'era una bvolta in America") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:02
72. Arthur's Theme (From "Arthur") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:39
73. Angel Face Theme (From "Angel Face") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 3:59
74. A Man and a Woman (From "a Man and a Woman") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 3:27
75. Jeepers Creepers Theme (From "Jeepers Creepers") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 4:04
76. Anonimo Veneziano Theme (From "Anonimo Veneziano") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:22
77. Ave Maris Stella (From "Romeo and Juliet") (Quintetto d'Ottoni & Percussioni dell'Ort) 2:51
78. The Untouchables Theme (From "the Untouchables") [Piano Version] (Massimo Faraò / Massimo Farao) 2:48
79. Lawrence of Arabia Theme (From "Lawrence of Arabia") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:29
80. Tara's Theme (From "Gone in the Wind") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:20
81. Profumo di limoni (From "Nuovo cinema paradiso") (Benedetta Caretta) 3:11
82. Don't Cry for Me Argentina (From "Evita") (Benedetta Caretta) 5:16
83. Your Love (From "C'era Una Volta Il West") (Benedetta Caretta) 4:03
84. Mamma Mia (From "Mamma Mia") (A. M. P.) 3:42
85. The Winner Takes It All (From "Mamma Mia") (Benedetta Caretta) 4:51
86. Dancing Queen (From "Mamma Mia") (A. M. P.) 3:37
87. Take a Chance on Me (From "Mamma Mia") (A. M. P.) 4:11
88. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (From "Mamma Mia") (A. M. P.) 4:54
89. Night Fever (From "Saturday Night Fever") (A. M. P.) 3:31
90. Stayin' Alive (From "Stayin' Alive") (A. M. P.) 4:09
91. Eye of the Tiger (From "Rocky") (A. M. P.) 3:48
92. Pretty Woman (From "Pretty Woman") (Renato De I Kings) 3:00
93. Suite From "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Movie Trio, Fabiano Maniero, Alessandro Modenese) 7:54
94. Neverending Story (From "the Neverending Story") (A. M. P.) 3:49
95. Unchained Melody (From "Ghost") [Guitars Version] (Guitar Duo) 4:46
96. Stand by Me (From "Stand by Me") (Larry Ray) 4:43
97. I'm a Believer (From "Shrek") (Fabio Cobelli) 2:00
98. Halleluijah (From "Shrek") (Franco Tufano) 4:05
99. Accidentally in Love (From "Shrek") (Franco Tufano) 3:09
100. We Will Rock You (From "a Knight's Tale") (A. M. P.) 1:59